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Participate in these 40 Ground-Up Activities to Commemorate Singapore Bicentennial

08 Apr 2019

Peranakan shophouses in Marine Parade

The People’s Association Grassroots Organisations (GROs) will rally the community together to commemorate Singapore’s Bicentennial in their neighbourhoods, with 40 ground-up activities which you can participate in.

Through the activities that will look back on Singapore’s rich history, you can look back on the contributions made by the different groups and communities that shaped us, and the challenges faced by our nation and how we overcame them. 

The ground-up activities, supported by the Singapore Bicentennial Office (SBO), include unique activities such as how weddings of different cultures have evolved over the decades (Happily, Ever After: Then & Now), heritage trails and roving exhibitions that showcase people, place and culinary history (Trace Your Heritage @ Whampoa) and performances such as concerts and dramas conceptualised and put up by residents (MY Bridge of Light).

These 40 ground-up activities will bring Singaporeans together to reflect on our history and better appreciate our Singaporean values of multiculturalism, openness and self-determination, which have made us a successful nation, despite our limited resources. And with these values, we can move forward with confidence, despite the uncertainties in the current climate,” said Mr Han Tan Juan, Group Director, Grassroots.

“It has been heartening to see many of our residents stepping forward to initiate and be a part of these ground-up activities which involve young Singaporeans as well as our pioneers who have lived through several decades of our nation’s history. Many local and community partners have also pledged their support and are working closely with our grassroots organisations to actualise these commemoration activities in the heartlands,” Mr Han added.

Click here for the full list of the 40 Singapore Bicentennial activities, including The Peranakan Festival and “Our Stories of Buona Vista and Queenstown" Family Carnival.


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