Pledge to play a part to safeguard our home and community

15 Jul 2017

Pledge to play a part to safeguard our home and community

The People’s Association (PA) has launched the new SGSecure Pledge initiative to rally residents to pledge their commitment in safeguarding Singapore and help out in the community, should an emergency situation strike our shores. This initiative supports the national SGSecure Movement which seeks to encourage and empower residents to play their part by stepping forward and giving back to the community during times of emergency.

The SGSecure Pledge gives residents the opportunity to pledge their support by contributing in a number of ways. This includes staying alert and reporting suspicious activity or behaviour to the police, helping to maintain social cohesion and harmony, learning life-saving skills as well as volunteering to assist during a crisis.

More than 500 residents have already pledged their support towards the SGSecure Pledge initiative, which was piloted at Tanjong Pagar GRC in June 2017.

Pledge your commitment to keep Singapore safe with the SGSecure Pledge Card here or you can visit your nearest community club/centre (CC) to pick up a card.

Page updated 08 Feb 2018