Suspension of Senior-Centric Courses and Activities at CCs and RCs

10 Mar 2020

Suspension of Senior-Centric Courses and Activities at CCs and RCs

 The SAFRA Jurong cluster has continued to grow and the virus has continued to spread as the dinner guests had taken part in community activities. Some of these guests were also participants of the People’s Association (PA) activities organised in Community Clubs/Centres (CCs) and Residents’ Committee Centres (RCs).

The PA will therefore suspend relevant courses, organised activities and interest group activities in the CCs and RCs that our seniors regularly participate in. These include classes and activities on music, drama and dance, various exercises, basic IT and smartphone skills and personal effectiveness and career development. This will involve about 2,600 classes and 11,000 interest group activities, with about 290,000 non-unique participants. The respective CCs and RCs will inform all affected participants directly on the suspension. Participants who have queries on the status of their courses or interest group activities may contact their respective CCs and RCs.

In addition to our current measures of temperature taking and health and travel advisories, PA will progressively implement further measures for all our activities.  We will reduce the number of participants per activity to ensure sufficent space between participants, adjust the rigour of activities to minimise contact and exertion, and shorten the duration of our organised activities to minimise exposure.

For all our centres, we will also increase the frequency of sanitising equipment between uses and implement measures relevant to the different activities. We will also step up reminders for participants to exercise social responsibility and to stay at home when unwell as well as to practise good personal hygiene by washing hands frequently.

Page updated 10 Mar 2020