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Project We Care Seminar 2018 - PA collaborates with private sector partners to reach out to the vulnerable

18 Oct 2018

Discussion Panel at the event

The People’s Association (PA) organised its second Project We Care (PWC) Seminar, themed “Meeting Needs, Showing Care” on 12 September 2018. Over 170 business leaders and management representatives from the private sector gathered to share, discuss and brainstorm on community-giving ideas and how they could work better with PA to reach out to the vulnerable.

Ms Wee Wei Ling

Ms Wee Wei Ling delivering her speech at the Seminar

In the address by Ms Wee Wei Ling, Chairperson of PWC, she thanked PWC corporates for working hand-in-hand with PA to positively impacting 450,000 vulnerable beneficiaries through over 300 corporate giving and volunteerism engagement programmes since PWC’s inception in 2012.

She urged the PWC network to “curate sustainable programmes to complement government’s social initiatives so that we can meaningfully channel corporates’ resources to fill in the social gaps and give help where it matters the most.” An insightful sharing on poverty, inequality and social mobility was delivered by keynote speaker, Dr Tan Ern Ser, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore.

Mr Chan Chun Sing

Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Trade and Industry and Deputy Chairman of the People’s Association addressing the attendees

The Guest of Honour at the event, Mr Chan Chun Sing, also shared three significant points:

  1. Social immobility is of greater concern than social inequality as the latter is a “complex, multi-faceted challenge” and may be entrenched across generations. It is important to understand needs before embarking on volunteerism initiatives. He shared the concept of 3 interlocking circles.One is the Government, another is the Community where Corporates too have a key part to play and the Individuals. He reiterated that while social immobility comes in many forms, we need different parties to come together”.

  2.  Beyond contributing “treasures” or cash sponsorship, we can be someone who can touch their lives and walk them through the dark valleys of the world”; to provide their time and talents and serve as positive role models to underprivileged children.

  3. Adopt different perspectives in helping others such as Abilities Based Capabilities (ABC) development where beneficiaries could be viewed as partners embarking on a journey together to realise their potential and strengths. Success is not defined by how we have helped you. But success is defined by how you are able to stand on your feet and perhaps one day, to help others as well.”

Mr Chan encouraged everyone to play their part to build up the strength of our character as a nation and to work towards building a stronger society.

A plenary discussion session on poverty, inequality and social mobility.

A lively plenary discussion session on poverty, inequality and social mobility. From left to right: Dr William Wan (Chairperson of Project We Care Seminar), Dr Tan Ern Ser (Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore), Mr Chan Chun Sing (Minister for Trade and Industry and Deputy Chairman of People’s Association) and Mr Stanley Tan (Chief Executive Director of Global Yellow Pages)

Two plenary sessions were held to discuss on inequality versus immobility and ways that corporates could innovate and contribute to address needs on the ground respectively. Mr Chan urged corporates who had done well in corporate giving to focus on their cause and be committed to ensure consistency and sustainability such as adopting a rental block over a period of time. Mr Michael Leong added that organisations could match their company’s strengths to the needs of the target group of beneficiaries as well as encouraging his employees to put their other non-work talents in befriending the elderly.

Mr Michael Leong sharing on how SME could innovate to contribute and make a difference the community

Mr Michael Leong shared on how SME could innovate to contribute and make a difference the community. From left to right: Mr Stanley Tan, Mr Michael Leong (Director of Hope Technik, Ms Jeane Lim, General Manager of PARKROYAL on Pickering) and Mr Tony Tay (Founder of Willing Hearts).

The focal points of Plenary Discussion 2 centred on best practices and ideas from the perspectives of Small Medium Enterprise, Multinational Company, and Non-Profit Organisation on how they could overcome constraints and innovate to contribute what they could. Mr Stanley Tan, the moderator, shared on how it is key for companies to incorporate doing good as part of their organisation’s DNA.

We also took the opportunity to recognise sterling business partners and individuals for their contributions to the vulnerable through partnerships with PA. List of recipients can be found here.

Recipients of the tokens of appreciation at the Partners’ Recognition segment

SPECtacular Workgroup was one of the many partners who were presented tokens of appreciation at the Partners’ Recognition segment for their contributions towards providing renewed sight to vulnerable.

Discussion during the Project We Care Café session.

Corporate attendees shared innovative ideas on possible Corporate giving and volunteerism initiatives at the Project We Care Café session.

Corporate attendees exchanged their experience on corporate giving, observations on the needs of vulnerable and brainstormed on possible innovative ideas that they would like to embark on.  Some mooted setting up community kitchen spaces for whipping up of healthy meals for seniors while enabling them to socialise. Other ideas include creating an innovative e-learning platforms to enable the PMETs to upgrade and pick up employable skills, or even facilitating youth and seniors to come together and co-create digital programmes whilst corporates could support in sponsoring technology devices. 

If you are a corporate partner who have other innovative give-back ideas and would like to collaborate with PA/Project We Care to make a difference to the community, please email us at

*Project We Care is an initiative led by the private sector and the People’s Association, to encourage corporate volunteerism in Singapore, engaging the efforts of private sector CEOs, business leaders and their employees to contribute towards meaningful causes in the community. Through the leadership of Ms Wee Wei Ling, Chairperson of Project We Care Network, it aims to provide opportunities and platforms for corporations to do good and also impact and inspire other corporations to step out.

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