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Charting the future ahead at RCNC 4020 Anniversary Dinner

23 Jul 2018

PA Chairman, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong delivering a speech on the roles and evolution of RCs and NCs

PA Residents’ Committees (RCs) and Neighbourhood Committees (NCs) were set up in 1978 and 1998 respectively, to promote neighbourliness, racial harmony and social cohesion in the community, and to gather feedback on and support the last mile delivery of government policies and initiatives.  

Recognising their shared mission, the RCs and NCs decided to commemorate their anniversaries together through an engagement journey leading up to the RCNC 4020 anniversary dinner on 20 July 2018, where PA’s Chairman Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was joined by 1,500 grassroots volunteers in the celebrations.

The engagement journey consisted of sixteen RC and NC engagement sessions held from April to June this year. 1,600 RC and NC volunteers came together to share best practices and discuss how efforts could be strengthened for RCs and NCs to remain effective and relevant. A key theme which emerged during the engagement sessions was the need for greater collaboration between RCs and NCs to bring residents together across estates, so as to strengthen social cohesion amidst the changing demographic and social landscape.

Going forward, new RCs and NCs will be set up as “Residents’ Networks” (RNs) that will serve both public and private estates together. RNs can comprise HDB estates, private estates, or a mixture of both.  Existing RCs and NCs can choose to merge with their neighbours, or stay as they are.

Working closer together, and removing the distinction between RCs and NCs, will allow residents from different estates to mix more freely and participate in community activities together. Also, RCs and NCs can work together to pool their resources to address the various challenges (e.g. ageing population, supporting the less privileged) faced in the community.  

Past successful collaboration projects include ‘Our Space @ Tai Gin’, ‘Project Sunshine @ Kebun Baru’ and ‘Dakota Community Garden Interest Group’. 


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