New facilities and integrated help for residents at revamped Kebun Baru CC

27 Aug 2018

New facilities and integrated help for residents at revamped Kebun Baru CC

Kebun Baru residents can now look forward to revamped facilities and programmes with the opening of the new Kebun Baru Community Club (CC) on Sunday, 26 August 2018. The official opening of the CC was attended by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Advisers to Nee Soon GRC grassroots organisations (GROs). 

Being a mature estate with a significant proportion of seniors and three-generational families, the revamped CC focuses on creating a caring and inclusive Kebun Baru community and features amenities for families and neighbours, such as lounge areas, rooftop barbecue pits, sports and pre-school facilities, and a senior care centre. 

The CC will also support a key initiative led by the Kebun Baru Citizens’ Consultative Committee (CCC) – The Hope Collective (THC), which brings together volunteers, voluntary welfare organisations and government agencies to collaborate and provide more targeted assistance to needy and vulnerable residents. THC also serves as a platform for those who want to volunteer to connect with meaningful programmes that resonate with them. Currently, it has 21 partner organisations and champions projects including befriending of socially isolated seniors, long-term mentoring for needy young families and talent development for children from lower-income families. For example, the CC’s study room houses the Centre of Learning programme, which tutors and mentors children from low-income families.

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