One Community Walk 2015

20 Aug 2015

One Community Walk 2015

The One Community Walk (OCW) is a nationwide walking event with a twist, where walks will be organised within each of the 87 divisions in Singapore and flagged off on the same day. Organised by the People’s Association, Community Sports Club Council and Community Sports Clubs with support from other Grassroots Organisations (GROs), each walk will cover a distance ranging from two to three kilometres, and suitable for residents of all ages.

The OCW is a platform for residents of different races, ages and living in different types of estates to come together, interact, forge new friendships and foster greater community bonds, while they engage in a relaxing physical activity. It also harnesses the synergy among GROs, community partners and ad-hoc volunteers as they work together to reach out to many more residents through OCW.

The sixth edition of One Community Walk (OCW) will be held on Sunday, 30 August 2015. This year, the OCW carries the theme ‘Walk with one Heart’ and endeavours to reach out to more youths, voluntary welfare organisations, corporate and associations to join the walk as ‘one inclusive community.

As part of the SG50 celebrations, we hope to reach out to 100,000 residents of all ages, races and estates across 87 constituencies.

Some of the OCW events may be ticketed with prices up to $5, which may include open house carnivals and other activities. Ticket prices may vary from venue to venue.

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