PA Junior Xplorer's School Holidays Series

15 Nov 2017

PA Junior Xplorer's School Holidays Series

School’s out, fun’s in!

Come check out People’s Association ‘Junior Xplorer’s School Holidays Series’ course offerings! 

Choose from over 2,000 affordable and exciting classes island-wide, including parent-child courses specially designed to bring the family closer together this holiday. Experience the joy of learning with your child*. From making your own snowglobe to learning to fly a drone, there is something for everyone! 

Download our November/December 2017 course brochure here.

For more information on the PA Junior Xplorers’ School Holidays Series and to sign up for courses and programmes, visit Search ‘School Holidays Series’ to find a variety of specially curated courses designed for your little one and you. 

*For child aged five to 12 years old.


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