PAssionArts Festival 2019 returns with "Garden of HeARTs"

02 Jul 2019

PAssionArts Festival 2019

The nationwide PAssionArts Festival returns this year from 6 July to 25 August 2019. As part of a special-edition national-level art initiative presented by PAssionArts this year, some 200 “gardens” will pop up around the island at open spaces in residential estates from July till September!

These 200 “Garden of HeARTs”, located at community locations, will bloom with 4,000 multi-coloured big, medium, and small hearts hand-painted by residents and young families, capturing their hopes and dreams. They are the fruits of labour and love from participants involved in the various PAssionArts workshops to complete the arts installations.

A host of other art installations will be featured at 39 Festival Arts Village island-wide, including visual art displays and performing arts co-created by families, friends and neighbours, facilitated by local artists.

This year, the festival presents different thematic experiences for people to enjoy and interact with arts such as a 'starry starry night experience' at "Carousel of Time" taking place at Jurong Lake Gardens on Saturday, 27 July 2019. Families can join in the canvas painting and art jamming session with a scenic view of Singapore’s newest national gardens in the heartlands! 

Over at "Whimsical Arts Wonderland" happening on Saturday, 10 August 2019, festival go-ers can look forward to Boat Ki - a large-scale installation of a Chinese junk, built and painted by the artist and 200 volunteers. The installation is inspired by the bustling trade history that used to take place in Boat Quay.

On Racial Harmony Day (20 July 2019), residents over at Kampung Admiralty's "Hues in Tunes 2" will use colour and song to celebrate unity in diversity through multi-ethnic song, dance, art and cultural displays.

Through participation in the festival, PA hopes to bring people together for family bonding, making friends with neighbours with similar interests and taking pride in beautifying their local community through arts. The annual festival is organised by PA in collaboration with its 88 Community Arts and Culture Clubs (CACCs).

For more information on the various PAssionArts Festival 2019 activities, you can download the Festival Guide book at and visit the PAssionArts Facebook page!

Page updated 19 Jul 2019