Walk and celebrate 'Unity in Diversity' as a community this National Day

28 Jul 2016

Walk and celebrate 'Unity in Diversity' as a community this National Day

This National Day, over 300,000 residents will celebrate our Nation’s 51st birthday at more than 200 Community National Day Celebrations (CNDCs) across Singapore. From SGCommunityWalks to National Day Observance Ceremonies (NDOCs), these events will revolve around the theme Unity in Diversity. This theme reflects Singapore’s racial harmony, which is what makes us special.

Initiated by residents and facilitated by PA and our Grassroots Organisations (GROs), these events will see Singaporeans from all walks of life coming together not just to celebrate our Singapore identity, but also to pledge our commitment to our future.


The highlight of this year’s celebrations is the first ever youth-initiated SGCommunityWalk. Our young volunteers came up with this idea to bring everyone in the community together to walk as one on National Day morning as a showcase of our unity and confidence for the future. PA was happy to help them bring this idea to life.

“The theme of our national day celebrations this year is unity in diversity, and the highlight is the first-ever SG Community Walk. This walk will be led by youths, as they are our future. We expect more than 100,000 residents from all races and all walks of life, including the less fortunate, to join us in about 70 walks across Singapore. Each one will be waving the Singapore flag, some made by themselves, to signify our confidence of a brighter Singapore,” said Mr Ang Hak Seng, BBM, Chief Executive Director of PA at the PA Community National Day Celebrations Media Conference on 28 July.

Besides residents, more than 2,000 members from our corporate and community partners will also join the residents at the SGCommunityWalks in different constituencies. These include members of the Singapore Scouts Association, Singapore Red Cross Society, National Police Cadet Corp and National Civil Defence Cadet Corps.

Each SGCommunityWalk will have its own unique local flavour.

For example, to celebrate our journey as One People, residents at Teck Ghee will be walking in different shoes – literally. Some will walk in their “Cha Kiak” (Chinese wooden clogs), capals (Malay sandals, pronounced as “Cha-paarls”), “Jootas” (Indian shoes), work boots, slippers, sneakers and even high heels! To ensure everyone can be part of the celebrations, youth volunteers will also team up with less mobile residents, e.g. those in wheelchairs, and walk together with them throughout the journey.

Click here to find out the SGCommunityWalk near you and register with your community club now!

National Day Observance Ceremonies

You do not have to wait till 9 August to celebrate National Day as some of our community celebrations are already starting this weekend!

On 7 August, Bedok residents will be carrying umbrellas of many different colours and styles to form an SG logo as part of their NDOC. The different umbrellas symbolise that while we are of different races, when we stand united, be it rain or shine, we are stronger and more resilient.

Besides Bedok, all constituencies will be holding their National Day Observance Ceremonies (NDOCs). During these ceremonies, residents will stand together to recite our National pledge and sing the National Anthem with pride and confidence for our future.

Click here to take a look at some of the CNDCs and NDOCs that are happening. For information on activities happening near your community, please contact your nearest Community Club.

Celebrating National Day with Corporate and Community Partners

Besides joining us at the SGCommunityWalk, some of our corporate and community partners will be working with us to organise their own National Day Celebrations.

Creative Eateries Group will embark on a WeCare Project with their local community in Woodlands this National Day. The F&B group worked with our grassroots volunteers in Admiralty where they implemented a befriending programme for vulnerable residents in Woodlands.

The company staff will be preparing four different types of multi-ethnic curries. While all the curries may look the same and taste equally delicious, each contains special ingredients that make it unique and different from the others. This set of specially created dishes represent that while we may be culturally diverse, we also have a strong Singaporean identity and will stand together as one united people.

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