OurCommUNITYSG celebrates the community through stories, showcasing real stories of everyday residents of Singapore. These personal stories from the diverse voices of regular people convey memories, milestones and aspirations from our journey as community builders.

From close-knit kampung living to connecting people in need via the latest in digital technology, we have come a long way in creating caring communities on this tiny red dot of ours.

Our journey to bring people together started from 1960 and we sure have many interesting stories to share! ‘Not Just Another Grandpa Story’ brings cool snippets of history and real stories from our residents, community and grassroots volunteers and colleagues – telling of how they have witnessed Singapore’s development over the years and how they’ve contributed in big and small ways, including stepping up and finding solutions to overcome this pandemic together!

Everyone has a story and a role towards shaping the society that we want to see, a space for all to embrace their dreams and aspirations. How does your ideal future look like? How can you make it happen? What story can you share?

Let our stories build a common vision and community of hearts to make this a HOME for everyone.

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