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National Community Leadership Institute


Leadership development is crucial to the continued excellence and growth of community organisations.  As the community leadership development arm of the People’s Association (PA), National Community Leadership Institute (NACLI) has been developing community leaders since its establishment in 1964. It prides itself as THE Institute of Learning Excellence for Community Leadership Development.  NACLI offers a wide range of leadership development programmes to equip grassroots leaders and PA professional staff with practical and applied skills and competencies to carry out their work in the community effectively.

Besides conducting workshops, dialogues and other learning events, NACLI collaborates with Institutes of Higher Learning to offer Joint Certificate Programmes for its community leaders.  It also collaborates with schools and institutions to customise a wide range of exciting overnight camps and training programmes for student leaders.  Its training and accommodation facilities are available for rental, and based on availability of resources.

Overview of NACLI

To Develop, Align and Inspire Leaders in Building and Bridging Communities

THE Institute of Learning Excellence for Community Leadership Development Training Programmes in NACLI

Service Values
We believe that service quality is a very important aspect of our business as THE Campus of Learning Excellence.  Through these service values, we hope to create an identity for the Institute; one that makes each and every one of us feel proud of being part of the team.

'Having Fun'
 'Being Present'
 'Treating Everyone Special'
 'Making A Difference'


The Chairperson of the current 7th NACLI Board is Mrs Josephine Teo, Senior Minister of State, Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Transport.

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