About Us

The People’s Association (PA) was established on 1 July 1960 as a statutory board to promote racial harmony and social cohesion in Singapore. Our mission is to build and bridge communities in achieving one people, one Singapore. 

PA offers a wide range of programmes to cater to Singaporeans from all walks of life - connecting people to people, and people and government. We do this through our network of over 2,000 grassroots organisations (GROs), over 100 Community Clubs, five Community Development Councils, National Community Leadership Institute and PAssion WaVe. 

Vision for the Community

A Great Home and A Caring Community, where we

  • Share our Values
  • Pursue our Passions
  • Fulfil our Hopes, and
  • Treasure our Memories

Read more on the explanation of the Vision for the Community (10KB, PDF).

Our Mission

To Build and to Bridge communities in achieving One People, One Singapore

Read more on the PA Mission (170KB, PDF).

Our Motto

Bringing People Together

Our Logo

The People's Association's (PA) logoThe People's Association's (PA) logo is made up of one continuous element. This represents the PA's mission of connecting Singaporeans from all ethnic backgrounds to promote active citizenry and multiracial harmony.

Different communities, represented by the circles, keep their distinct identities and cultural values while moving and interacting with one another in the common space. Our vision is one of all communities bonding closely together, increasing the common space and strengthening the nation.

Red symbolises the passion and spirit of the different communities. It also signifies the growth and maturity of the people and the PA.

Our Flag

The People's Association's (PA) flagAt the heart of the PA flag is the PA logo. The borders curling upward signify a forward-looking organisation, progressing towards greater heights.

Our Service Pledge

We are the People’s Association

We pledge to care for the people
With integrity and empathy.

We pledge to innovate for the people
To deliver confidence and excellence.

We are the People’s Association
And we will Serve with Care.


Page updated 22 Sep 2021