Our History

On 1 July 1960, the PA was formed to help foster racial harmony and social cohesion to form the basis for nation building. Twenty-eight CCs were set up as meeting grounds for various ethnic, language and religious groups. Community leaders served in the newly-formed Community Centre Management Committees.

The 1950s and early 60s saw turbulent times for Singapore. Racial riots and political strife made Singapore a poor and divided society with closely-knit communal groups pulling in different directions. We had to overcome serious political, economic and communal problems in order to survive.

History of PA

More and more people became active with the establishment of the Citizens' Consultative Committees and later, the Residents' Committees (RCs) and Neighbourhood Committees (NCs). People of different racial, language, income and age groups participated in a wide range of activities at the CCs. Such multi-racial participation helped to promote unity despite the diversity in race, culture and religion.

Today, we continue to bring people together through a wide range of activities organised at more than 100 CCs, 550 RCs and 100 NCs all across Singapore. We have grown from strength to strength and we look forward to continuing our role in strengthening the community and nation-building. Be a part of history and join us in this worthwhile endeavour.

History of PA


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