PA Student Internship

PA Structured Student Internship Programme

Participating in the PA Structured Internship Programme is a great opportunity for you to appreciate PA’s mission of bridging and building communities and to experience a career to work on projects and/or organise events that will help foster engaged communities and develop your soft skills.

 As part of our commitment to nurture and support interns, supervisors will work with the interns to set work and learning goals for the internships and facilitate reflection session to reinforce learning.

Apply for Internship with PA

  1. You may contact your school’s Career Services Office; or
  2. You may apply by submitting the Internship Application Form. Successful candidates will be notified by email.

Internship Opportunities


Internship Opportunities

Jan to Dec

  • Based at the Community Clubs, this internship is for students who are interested to interact with residents and deliver programmes to meet residents’ needs
  • Conduct study on residents’ needs and interests to plan and coordinate community events, courses and activities for residents
  • Required to work on weekends and evenings

Jan to Dec

  • Based at the Community Development Councils, Our Tampines Hub or PA HQ, this internship exposes students to project management of events and programmes organised for the community
  • May be required to work on weekends and evenings

Jan to Dec

  • For students with flair for design and proficiency in using design software to design and implement marketing campaigns with a focus on using social media

Jan to Dec

  • For students with interest in events management, who will have opportunities to plan and execute events from coordination with partners and vendors, marketing and publicity, coordination with media, to logistics

Feb to Apr

  • Internship with Building and Estate Management Division to develop a building information database and analyse building-related data to build inter-relationship models for planning purposes
  • Relevant for students doing Data Science & Business Analytics

Mar to Jul

  • For students interested in marketing and branding and social media, whose scope include taking professional photos and shooting videos and editing videos to design and create contents for social media
  • May be required to work on some weekends and evenings

Mar to Jul

  • For students who are passionate about outdoor and experiential learning and have skills in outdoor and adventure learning
  • Required to work on weekends and evenings

May to Aug

  • For students interested in conducting study to understand trends and needs of young families and design and implement programmes to engage families at different life stages

May to Oct

  • For students interested to learn and apply research methodology to conduct research on understanding youth perceptions of PA’s programming and social cohesion, and to design strategic engagement for youths online

Jun to Oct

  • For students who are interested in developing training videos and have video editing skills

For Further Enquiries

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