Connect with Government

As familiar faces in the community, many residents turn to PA staff and our grassroots leaders and volunteers to share their feedback and find out more information about government schemes. 

Through regular dialogue sessions, community events and house visits, our residents, including those who are not mobile, can share their feedback and views on the Government’s policies, including their concerns on topics ranging from housing and education to healthcare. Our grassroots listen closely to the matters raised by the community and reflect residents’ feedback and aspirations to the Government on community and national issues, including through public consultations and dialogue sessions, as well as forum letters.  

When major new government policies that directly affect the lives of many Singaporeans are introduced, our grassroots help residents better understand the key basic points of these policies and how they can benefit from them. The Ask Kopi Kakis (AKK) initiative was implemented by PA in all its CCs, to make government policies simple, relevant and accessible to all. To read more, please click here.

Serving as a bridge between the Government and the people, our grassroots also bring together government agencies and residents to help find community-led solutions for local problems. For example, efforts from the Grassroots Organisation to ease the congestion issue in the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood. To read the full article, please click here.  

Through some of our CCs, PA also provides some basic government services to make it more convenient to residents.

Our network of grassroots organisations and volunteers work tirelessly to connect Government and the people. If you have the passion and drive to contribute to the community and help your fellow residents, click here to join us as a grassroots volunteer today. 

Page updated 31 Aug 2017