COVID-19: Suspension of Courses, Organised Activities and Interest Group activities at Community Clubs/Centres, Residents' Committee Centres and other PA Facilities

25 Mar 2020

Suspension of courses, organised activities and interest groups and PA Facilities with effect from 27 March

The Ministry of Health announced tighter safe distancing measures on 24 March 2020, to minimise the further spread of COVID-19. With effect from 27 March 2020, PA will suspend all courses, organised activities and interest group
activities at Community Clubs/Centres (CC), Residents’ Committee (RC) Centres and other PA facilities, till 30 April 2020. Bookings made at all PA facilities for sports and games and private events such as weddings or birthdays must be deferred or cancelled, regardless of the number of participants.

All affected participants will be informed directly on the suspension. Participants who have queries on their courses or interest group activities may contact the relevant PA facilities.

While activities at all PA facilities have been suspended, they will remain open to the public. In addition to our current measures of temperature taking and health and travel advisories, we will remind residents to stay at home when
unwell, and to exercise social responsibility by maintaining a distance of at least one metre from each other at our premises.

Page updated 25 Mar 2020