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Community Development Councils

About CDC

The Community Development Councils (CDCs) were formed in 1997 to strengthen community bonds and foster social cohesion through its “ABC” mission, i.e. Assisting the Needy, Bonding the People and Connecting the Community.  Guided by its mission, the CDCs develop and implement programmes that identify emerging needs in the community and address community needs such as caring for vulnerable, silver community, environment, and community health to build a caring and cohesive community. 

Community Vision

To Build a Great Home and a Caring Community

Mission Statement

To build a caring and cohesive community, where we Assist the needy, Bond the people and Connect the community.

The CDCs adopted three strategic directions.

  • Strengthen Social Infrastructure
  • Build Social Resilience and Social Capital
  • Promote Culture of Giving Back


There are five CDCs:

Building a Do-Good District

A Caring & Cohesive Community

A Caring and Healthy Community

Your Social Broker


Owning Your Community

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Page updated 13 May 2020