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Joint Programmes

The five Community Development Councils (CDCs) have come together to bring services closer to the residents. Below are examples of such collaboration.

 CASE Consumer Awareness Talks @ CDC

CASE Consumer Awareness Talks @ CDCThe launch of Consumers' Rights Awareness talks across the five CDCs reach out to the heartlands and help residents better understand what are the rights of a consumer, the responsibilities of retailers, as well as the avenues of resource or mediation. With greater awareness and education, the consumer will be better placed to make informed decisions for his or her purchases.

 SME Centre @ CDC

SME Centre @ CDCSME Centres and the five CDCs have collaborated to establish a wider network of SME Centres across Singapore to provide Heartland SMEs with greater convenience and access to business resources and advice.  These SME Centres provide local business with integrated services including business and productivity diagnosis, guidance on government assistance schemes and capability workshop.

 WeCare Arts Fund @ CDC

WeCare Arts Fund @ CDCThe WeCare Art Fund is a collaboration scheme set up by the five CDCs and the National Arts Council (NAC) for the Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs). VWOs can tap on this fund to engage artists that use arts as a tool or platform to encourage beneficiaries to become more self-confident and to make friends. The art forms can be Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, Literary Arts or multi-arts disciplinary.

 "CDCs Celebrating Communities" - community parade and brisk walk

CDCs Celebrating CommunitiesOn 31 May 2015, a total of 5,500 community and corporate partners, volunteers, beneficiaries and residents attended a 2.5 km brisk walk from the Floating Platform to Esplanade Drive and back. Themed ‘CDC Celebrating Communities’, this is the first time that the CDCs had come together to celebrate SG50 and to bring together the different communities that CDCs have built over the years. There were also mobile display exhibits showcasing CDCs’ flagship programmes.

 Law Awareness Week @ CDC

;Law Awareness Week @ CDC The Law Awareness Week @ CDC is launched to introduce a series of talks across all districts in Singapore. The collaboration between the CDCs and Law Society aimed to equip the community with basic legal knowledge. The talks covered topics like family law, end-of-life issues, consumer protection, and protection from harassment. Lawyers were involved as volunteers or speakers while law students helped to organise the talks.


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