Our Tampines Hub

Town Square

Our Tampines Hub (OTH) is Singapore’s largest integrated community and lifestyle hub, bringing together multiple agencies and offering a comprehensive range of services and facilities.

Led by People’s Association, OTH represents a new model of a community-focused development, celebrating the full sense of community through meaningful engagement, enriching residents through multiple experiences and empowering them to stake ownership of the hub, so as to build a robust identity for Tampines and a truly sustainable community.

Swimming Pools

Residents can enjoy a range of facilities such as sports facilities, a regional library, community club programmes and facilities, arts programmes and facilities, hawker centre and retail shops.

This integration of facilities in OTH and of other stakeholders - namely National Library Board (NLB), Ministry of Health (MOH), Workforce Singapore (WSG), North East Community Development Council (NE CDC), Ministry of Social and Family Services (MSF), Housing Development Board (HDB), National Heritage Board (NHB), National Arts Council (NAC), National Environment Agency (NEA), HomeTeamNS (HTNS) and SportSG (SSG) - is an effort to better serve Tampines residents and people who live in eastern Singapore, so as to meet the rising expectations of Singaporeans and further intensify land utilisation.

OTH currently serves more than 250,000 residents and approximately 80,000 households.

With an enhanced transportation node of 3 new MRT stations along the Downtown Line at Tampines Town Centre (Tampines West, Tampines, Tampines East), OTH is a convenient and accessible hub with something for everyone. 

Festive Plaza

OTH provides a common secular space for residents and visitors of different backgrounds, races, ages and public and private estates to come together, interact and bond.

 In addition to building social cohesion and racial harmony, it caters for a deepened engagement amongst Tampines residents and Hub visitors.

Festive Walk East

OTH integrates the physical facilities, management and programming of multiple agencies. It is currently working toward achieving PA, MCCY/SSC/NA/NHB, NLB, MOH, NEA, HDB, MOH’s key priorities and initiatives to provide better services, widen community outreach and engagement and build community ownership in programming for its residents and visitors.

The integration of the Community Gallery with the Regional Library at OTH has enabled NHB to reach out to new audiences in the heartlands and raise awareness of arts, culture and heritage amongst the surrounding community; strengthen the sense of pride and belonging to the spaces they live in; engender greater ownership of our heritage amongst Singaporeans; thereby fostering a greater sense of nationhood and identity in our people. This is a joint effort with NHB, NLB and Tampines Grassroots Organisations (GROs).

Conceptualised with inputs from 15,000 Tampines residents, Our Tampines Hub is designed with residents, for residents. It is the future of Tampines that offers greater convenience, a full spectrum of activities, facilities and services to cater to residents and visitors of all ages and lifestyle preferences, ensuring it serves all members within our community.

Download the e-copy of our Hub Guide, featuring details on all the facilities and services OTH has to offer now!

Page updated 06 Apr 2022