The People's Association (PA) offers partnership opportunities for organisations to collaborate with our extensive grassroots network to support programmes and initiatives that will impact lives in the community, towards a collective mission of building a great and caring home for all.

Organisations can ride on a year-long calendar of events or co-create new and meaningful programmes that  reach out to the community. These partnership programmes offer networking and corporate giving/volunteerism opportunities, benefitting organisations and the community.

Why Partner PA?

many helping hands
The "many helping hands" approach

Our volunteers from the community, grassroots organisations, Community Development Councils and PA units form an essential part of the “many helping hands” approach, which highlights the extensive networks of the PA. We welcome partners to come on board to strengthen our community through contributions (whether ideas, expertise, volunteers, donations, etc) unique to your organisation.

collaborative partnershipCollaborative partnership

We are always reaching out and working with partners for new and sustainable collaborations that benefit the community.

sharing of ideas and best practicesSharing of ideas and best practices

Platforms such as dialogue sessions and networking opportunities are available for partners and community leaders to share creative ideas and best practices. This mutual learning opportunity will improve existing collaborative programmes and inspire new partnership possibilities.

recognition and support for partnersRecognition and support for partners

We believe in providing support and recognition to strategic partners who had worked closely with PA. The PA Community Spirit Award Scheme is given to recognise exemplary partners who have assisted in building social capital and contributed to the community.

Be a Closer Part of PA – Be our WeCare PALs

wecarepals 190x136 

You Are a WeCare PAL

As long as you are working with PA’s Grassroots organisations and Divisions to engage residents meaningfully, you are part of our circle of WeCare PALs!

If you are a private sector partner keen on corporate giving and volunteerism, join Project We Care and let us co-create meaningful programmes together!


Page updated 20 May 2022