Wisma Geylang Serai

Wisma Geylang Serai (WGS) is envisioned to be the community civic and cultural centre in the heart of Geylang Serai precinct. It is a multi-agency development that celebrates the heritage of Geylang Serai communities, and encourages social interactions and community bonding among different communities of all ages and races.

It houses the Geylang Serai Community Club, the South East Community Development Council, the Geylang Serai Heritage Gallery Family Service and Child Care Centre, Senior Care Centre, and cultural arts group and social/community-related facilities. 

Facade of Wisma Geylang Serai

Within WGS, there are public spaces, community plaza and a comprehensive pedestrian network that will enhance accessibility and connectivity to other developments in the precinct, bringing the wide range of facilities and services in WGS to the community.  This development is a collaboration between the People’s Association, Ministry of Social and Family Development, Ministry of Health, National Arts Council, National Heritage Board and Ministry of National Development.

Geylang Serai was the origin of the Malay Settlement back in pre-modern Singapore. The word ‘Wisma’ can be translated as a building, complex or house. Wisma Geylang Serai was hence named to reflect the nature and functions of the civic centre.

The development’s double-pitched roof is influenced by traditional Malay houses and complements the adjacent Geylang Serai Market. At the same time, the design demonstrates a contemporary feel in its spatial planning, drawing inspiration from the “serai” plant to “ketupat” and “serambi” on stilts. It weaves and integrates multi-functional spaces and facilities into a cohesive overall design. This winning design amplifies the distinctive identity of Geylang Serai and strengthen its urban character.

BCA Award and Green Mark Features

WGS was awarded the BCA Green Mark Award (PLATINUM) in the category of the Green Mark for Non-Residential New Buildings Version 4.1 on 20 March 2017.

One green feature of WGS is its emphasis on natural ventilation in public spaces such as the Secondary Street and the public plaza. The civic-centre also incorporates elements of the former Malay Village’s architectural elements in the architectural/interior design of the building.

Page updated 25 Jan 2019