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From our PA Trainers

  • “Many people said they do not have the ‘green fingers’ when the primary issue was that they had used the wrong gardening technique. I would like to impart gardening knowledge to the course participants, so that they can also share with their neighbours and friends, and more people can benefit from the knowledge.” – Tony Yau, teaching Creative Gardening at CCs / RCs for 3 years.
  • “Although I am demonstrating the art of preparing dishes to the seniors’ participants via virtual classes, they are still able to connect with one another with common topics via the online platforms.  Online culinary classes are equally effective even when I introduce new cooking methods like “sous vide”, which is a relatively new way of cooking via low and regulated temperatures.  I could observe that they are happy to be acquainted with new technology in cooking and having more friends sharing the experiences”.  – Chef Jihardi Bin Mohamed Amin, culinary Trainer at the CCs/RCs for 9 years.


A Rewarding Experience to Serve the Community through PA Courses

Do you have the passion to impart your skills and knowledge to the community?

Do you have the interest to bring people together by partnering Grassroots Organisations to offer courses to residents at PA premises (e.g. CCs, RCs, Specialist CCs)?

Are you an experienced trainer or own a training business entity in the area of  'Music, Dance & Drama', 'Personal & Career Skills', and/or 'Arts, Crafts & Hobbies'?

If yes to all of above, you are welcome to apply to be a PA Training Provider NOW!  


New Application:

Please submit your application by 31 May 2022. Shortlisted training providers shall be invited to attend an interview and results will be out by 31 July 2022.

For any enquiry, please email to


Application as a PA Trainer (Individual)

  • To apply online, please click here.

Application as a PA Operator (for business entity)

  • To apply online, please click here.


Renewal Application:

Existing PA Trainers / Private Operators who wish to renew the term of registration must do so at least 4 months before the expiry of the current term. Please note that failing which would result in reapplications as new PA registered Trainers / Private Operators. You can download the renewal application forms below:

Renew Trainer

  • To apply online, please click here.


Renew Operator

  • To apply online, please click here.

New Course Proposal for Existing Trainer

  • To apply online, please click here.


Other terms and conditions apply.

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