Family Life

The Family Life Champion programme was incepted in 2005 to promote community support for family formation and strengthen the social fabric. The Family Life Champions (FLCs) work towards building strong families and nurture a strong Singapore core with many helping hands through family-centric events and outreach programmes.  Together with various grassroots organisations, government agencies and community partners, the FLCs build communities of support to co-create a society where marriage and parenthood are achievable, enjoyable and celebrated.

Parents can also look out for a wide myriad of family bonding activities such as:

Embracing PArenthood Movement Embracing PArenthood Movement

The Embracing PArenthood Movement (EPM) is a community-led initiative organised by PA to celebrate the birth of Singaporean newborns and build strong communities of support for young families. Apart from learning essential parenting skills from community partners and parenting experts, families attending the celebration will also get to enjoy the following:

  • PA Play.Bond.Grow gift set
  • Special Edition PAssion Baby Card
  • Opportunities to network with other parents in the neighbourhood

Parents with eligible babies born in 2019 will be invited to attend the Embracing PArenthood Celebrations by their respective constituencies where they will participate in a series of family-centric activities to strengthen their familial bonds and support them in their parenting journey. 

All constituencies across Singapore will progressively hold their own celebrations and all eligible parents will receive an invitation card to attend the celebrations. 

Play.Grow.Explore Series

FLC One-Stop Online Resource Point

The Play.Grow.Explore series is a series of customised family-centric workshop, co-created in partnership with various Community Partners, to strengthen social cohesion by bringing families of different races together. Through these activities, young families are encouraged to interact regularly through play and equipped with knowledge and skills to build stronger bonds with their children.

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Page updated 29 Apr 2021