Family Life

The Family Life Champion programme was incepted in 2005 to promote community support for family formation and celebrate family life. 87 Family Life Champions (FLCs), who are grassroots leaders, organise a myriad of programmes to bridge the different generations and foster closer inter-generational ties.

Family-focused activities and interest groups for key family segments include mass solemnisations and renewal of marriage vows for soon-to-wed and married couples, parenting workshops, baby shows, sports activities as well as ukulele interest groups for 3-generational families.

Find out more about the extensive programmes available:

  • Family-friendly Interest Groups (IGs)
    Get to make friends as well as exchange experiences and familial tips through interaction with other like-minded couples/families through PA Interest Groups. Find them here.
    (*Type in "Family" under the keyword search box and click ‘Search’ to launch the listing)

  • Visit the Family Life Champions’ Facebook page to find out more about our family life workshops and programmes, or email us at for more details.

Embracing PArenthood Movement

 Embracing PArenthood Movement

The Embracing PArenthood Movement (EPM) is a community-led initiative organised by the People’s Association to celebrate the birth of new Singaporean babies within the community. Apart from learning essential parenting skills from community partners and parenting experts, families attending the celebration will also get to enjoy the following:

  • PA Play.Bond.Grow gift set
  • Special Edition PAssion Baby Card
  • NTUC Good Start Bundle (includes a complimentary one-year health insurance coverage and a parent-child activity book)
  • Opportunities to network with other parents in the neighbourhood



Invitation to EPM

Parents with eligible babies born in 2017 and 2018 will be invited to attend the Embracing PArenthood Celebrations by their respective constituencies where they will receive the gifts and participate in a series of family-centric activities to strengthen their familial bonds and support them in their parenting journey. 

All 89 constituencies across Singapore will progressively hold their own celebrations and all eligible parents will receive an invitation card to attend the celebrations. 

Together as one community, let us create communities of support for young parents!

FLC One-Stop Online Resource Point

FLC One-Stop Online Resource PointBesides creating opportunities for families to spend quality time together and build stronger relationships, the FLCs have also put together useful resources for families. Strengthen family life and pick up useful tips and information in support of your parenting and couplehood journey!

1.     FLC "FAM-Tastic Toolkit"

Explore 50 award-winning bonding ideas and signature programmes organised by the FLCs over the last 10 years for the different family segments – parents, grandparents, singles and couples. Mix and match these different ideas to bond and foster closer family ties and share them with your friends too! 

Click here to download the toolkit.
(2.77MB, PDF)

2.     Professional Resources

Click on the titles below to view articles contributed by our community partners and gain more parenting and couple wellness information.

i) Parenting
   1. Building a Loving & Close Relationship with Your Child (178KB, PDF)
   2. Creating a Secure Bond with Your Baby (374KB, PDF)
   3. Bringing Up Your Toddler (1.43MB, PDF)
   4. No Kidding! Imparting Moral Values (1.38MB, PDF)
   5. Babywearing Essential (645KB, PDF)

ii) Child Development & Health
   1. Dengue Fever (1.15MB, PDF)
   2. Hand, Food and Mouth Disease in Children (1.05MB, PDF)
   3. Help! My Child is a Fussy Eater (998KB, PDF)
   4. Understanding Play for Your Child (1.04MB, PDF)
   5. Building Your Child’s Self-esteem & Confidence (1.29MB, PDF)

iii) Couple Wellness
   1. Married & Loving It (179KB, PDF)
   2. The 5 Love Languages (214KB, PDF)
   3. Myths and Facts on Fertility (213KB, PDF)
3.     Social & Community Resources

Get to know the community benefits and assistance available to support and create a conducive environment for your child.
(576KB, PDF)

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