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About Embracing PArenthood Movement

The Embracing PArenthood Movement (EPM) is a community-led initiative organised by the People’s Association (PA), Family Life Champions (FLCs) and Grassroots Organisations (GROs), in partnership with Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and National Population and Talent Division (NPTD) and sponsored by Singapore Tote Board to celebrate the birth of your newborn, embrace the joy of parenthood and build strong communities of support for young families.

The movement aims to work towards a society where marriage and parenthood is achievable, enjoyable and celebrated and will reach out to all parents with Singapore Citizen babies born in 2019.

Parents with eligible babies born in 2019 will receive an invitation card to attend the Embracing PArenthood Celebration by their respective constituencies where they will participate in a series of family-centric activities to strengthen their familial bonds and support them in their parenting journey.

What to expect at the celebrations?

The celebrations will provide an opportunity for families in the same neighbourhood to get to know one another better. There will also be a platform for community partners to engage parents to share information on parenting and family bonding. Families can also look forward to a variety of family bonding activities such as parent-child craft making and parent-baby mass activity.

Parent-Child Bonding Activities

Participating families will get to strengthen their bonds through different meaningful learning play experiences such as craft making, music and movement and many more!

Parent Child Bonding Activities 2

Expert Sharing Corner

As part of the PA’s continuous efforts in fostering a community with many helping hands to better support families, the Expert Sharing Corner will leverage the expertise of community partners such as the Centre for Fathering, Health Promotion Board, KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital, National Library Institute and National Dental Care, as well as People’s Association Ask Kopi Kakis (AKK) booth to provide parents with easy access to information relating to Government policies to support parenthood and strong families, child’s health development and many more.

Expert Sharing Corner

Parents Support Groups

Besides enabling parents to learn from the experts, the Embracing PArenthood Movement Celebrations are also designed to promote interaction among parents, so that families can form their own support networks and help one another in the community.  Please contact PA_FamilyLife@pa.gov.sg if you are keen to join the Parents Support Groups.

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Families will also get to enjoy the following:

PA Play.Bond.Grow Gift Set

PA Play Bond Grow Gift Set

The PA Play.Bond.Grow Gift Set contains meaningful items for parents to create shared family memories. In the gift set, parents can find three items to help you play, bond and grow with your little one. 

PAssion Baby Card
PAssion Card 

All Singapore Citizen babies born in 2019 are invited to apply for the PAssion Baby Card online for free.

This baby commemorative memento features a personalised family or baby’s photo emblem on the cardface and serves as a memento for your family. 

Parents can log on to www.embracingparenthood.sg to submit the application. The card will be sent to the parents within 10 weeks upon successful submission.

Is your baby born in 2019?

Join us in celebrating our parenting journey together.  Look out for the invitation card sent by the community club in your constituency or you could contact them to find out more!

Follow us at www.facebook.com/flc.pa.1 for other family programme updates. For enquiries, please email us at PA_FamilyLife@pa.gov.sg

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Page updated 17 Sep 2021