Water Venture

At People's Association (PA), we passionately believe that water and adventure sports can spice up your life. Through the PA Water-Venture (WV) outlets, we offer unlimited outdoor fun and fitness as a way to bring together people from various backgrounds and walks of life.

The PA WV outlets offer a range of land and water sports activities like sports climbing, abseiling, kayaking, sailing, dragon boating, windsurfing and power boating to the community. Interesting children's programmes are also offered. Such land and water sports courses and activities provide platforms to foster community bonding, promote a healthy lifestyle and enrich the lifestyles and recreational activities of Singaporeans.

Currently, there are eight WV outlets which are run by professional staff and assisted by a dedicated pool of trainers and volunteers. Our PAWV trainers are highly experienced and competent in the sports that they coach, with nationally recognised certifications.

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Brochures and Forms

  1. Water-Venture Brochure
  2. Water-Venture PARQ 
  3. Water-Venture Group Rental Form
  4. Water-Venture Rental Form
  5. Water-Venture Storage Rental Form
  6. Water-Venture Group Booking Form
  7. Water-Venture Course/Activity Registration Form
  8. Water-Venture Course/Activity Medical Registration Form (For explorer courses)
  9. Risk Disclosure Course/Administration Information


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