Volunteering Opportunities

Whether you are 15 or 50, you can play a part in giving back to the community.

Volunteering with the Grassroots Organisations

  • Promote neighbourliness and community bonding
  • Connect with people to forge multi-racial harmony and social cohesion, and inculcate a sense of belonging among Singaporeans
  • Be the bridge between the Government and the people by providing feedback and helping to explain and implement government policies
  • Help address local issues and render social assistance to needy Singaporeans
  • Help instill a sense of social responsibility among Singaporeans

Find out more about our Grassroots Organisations here.

Volunteering with the Community Development Councils

  • Reach out and assisting the Needy
  • Bond the People
    • Promote family bonding and values
    • Promote multi-racial understanding
  • Connect the Community
    • Organise activities to promote community interaction
    • Improve community safety and security
    • Help explain government initiatives

Find out more about our Community Development Councils here.

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Page updated 03 Jun 2021