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Life is a journey of constant learning and improvement. The PA offers you endless opportunities to pick up new skills, have fun, while making new friends. From cultivating your taste for fine wines and cuisine, to offering you personal grooming and beauty tips; from the development of your information technology skills to classes in martial arts, dance, and sporting activities; we have something for everyone!

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Series of Courses

The main categories of courses offered at our CCs/RCs are:

Every day is a gift that is best shared with your loved ones. Set aside your hectic lifestyle and make the most of today! With so many courses to choose from, there is bound to be one that will delight you and others! 

Arts, Crafts & Hobbies

Embrace the Arts through our 'Arts, Crafts & Hobbies' courses. From floral art for the green fingers, to visual art for the budding Picassos, there are endless ways to have fun and make new friends at our CCs. With the wide array of 'Arts, Crafts & Hobbies' courses, you will certainly be spoilt for choice!

Beauty & Wellness

Look good and feel good with some beauty and wellness tips that extend from your head to your toes. Discover how you can spruce up your look with some grooming, make-up and skincare advice, and learn how to take better care of your health and body. With our ‘Beauty & Wellness’ courses, it is time for you to start feeling and looking your very best!

Cooking & Food Culture 

Cook up a storm with our celebrity chefs and Trainers, and showcase these new-found skills at your next dinner party with friends, or meals at home with loved ones. From cake baking, to healthy cooking, and even coffee brewing, your taste buds are in for a treat when you take part in any of our ‘Cooking & Food Culture’ courses!

Music, Drama & Dance

Unleash your creativity and find the star in you through the various 'Music, Dance & Drama' courses available! Learn the latest dance moves to impress your loved ones, or belt classics through our vocal courses. Find your passion by learning a musical instrument, or conquer your stage fear with our speech and drama courses. Be prepared to dazzle with our 'Music, Dance & Drama' courses.

Personal & Career Skills

Improve your skills and develop yourself through the wide array of 'Personal & Career Skills' courses offered at our CCs. Learn about technical know-how or fine tune essential job skills, pick up a new language or start your own business! With the range of 'Personal & Career Skills' courses, you will be fully equipped for success!

Sports & Fitness

Looking to lose the extra pounds or just finding a new way to relax and keep fit? Conquer air, water, and land while staying up to date with the latest in sports! Keep your body and mind fit and fabulous through the 'Sports & Fitness' courses available at our CCs!

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Page updated 12 May 2021