Industry Guru Series

The People’s Association Industry Guru Series is a customised professional networking programme. It is developed to inspire youths and working professionals to network, exchange ideas, and gain insights through sharing sessions by esteemed speakers and industry leaders. 

The Industry Guru has just lined up a brand new series of Deep Dive Learning courses to get you ready for the future. Check out what is available at your nearby community centres/clubs (CCs) and keep in touch with the latest growing and emerging trends!

Industry Guru Series

About Deep Dive Courses

Dive straight into the wide range of specially curated Deep Dive Learning courses.  Gain first-hand information and tips from our esteemed PA Trainers and valued partners such as the Singapore Fintech Association, Deloitte Singapore, and Microsoft through a series of exciting and thought provoking courses under the tracks of ‘Business Leadership and Management’ as well as ‘Digital Innovation’, PMEs can realise their aspirations to upskill and enhance their work competencies.

About T-Connect

Delve further into topics of interest with Industry Guru’s T-Connect interest group sessions; a more regular and intimate take for PMEs to come together and discuss on topics that interest them.  PMEs can share concerns and views with industry experts, build stronger rapport with fellow PMEs, and gain in-depth insights into various industry subjects.

About Learning Journey 

Come face-to-face with business experts and gain understanding on the inner workings of a various industries. Explore what makes specific industries tick with a 3-hour site tour, including a 2-hour sharing session by industry insiders.


Industry Guru Series - Deep Dive Learning Courses (Coming Soon!)


For more information on Industry Guru Series, visit the PMET Network Facebook page.

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Page updated 28 Dec 2020