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PAssionArtsEstablished by PA with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, the PAssionArts brand was developed to provide a collective identity to community arts in Singapore. It aims to make arts & culture more accessible to the people by bringing it right to the heart of every constituency in Singapore. The vision is to bring arts & culture to reach “Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday”.

The key PAssionArts programmes include:

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Community Arts and Culture Clubs
Community Arts and Culture Clubs

The Community Arts & Culture Clubs (CACC) is a co-ordinating arts and culture club managed by like-minded volunteers with a PAssion in promoting community arts. The CACCs' main objective is to better leverage on arts and culture as a means to reach out and engage the residents from childhood to golden age, of all races and from all estates. The many interesting programmes offered will contribute in making each constituency and neighbourhood a vibrant arts and culture scene

PAssionArts Community Art Gallery

PAssionArts Community Art Gallery

The Community Art Gallery is a PAssionArts programme by PA Community Arts & Culture Clubs. This programme invites residents and community artists to display and share their art works at community places so more residents could appreciate art at their doorstep. Community Art Galleries can be found right in our neighbourhoods - at HDB void decks, coffee shops and marketplaces - where it is accessible to everyone, everyday.

PAssionArts Hotspot

PAssionArts HotSpots

A PAssionArts programme where residents can showcase their talents right in the heart of their neighbourhood. This programme invite residents and community artistes to step out and showcase their talents in community spaces like hawker centres/food courts, town centres, parks and playgrounds with residents, for residents. It also provides a good opportunity for the community to appreciate and make friends through arts. Happening monthly, it provides spaces in our neighbourhood filled with exciting showcases for everyone to enjoy with their families, friends and neighbours.

PAssionArts Inspiration Series

PAssionArts Inspiration SeriesPAssionArts Inspiration Series serves as a platform for various community arts and culture interest groups to be showcased at National level events, such as Istana Open Houses. These programmes encourage everyone to take part as active participants celebrating arts and culture in a refreshing manner.

PAssionArts Festival 2019

6 July to 25 August 2019

PAssionArts Festival 2019

Into its 8th year, PAssionArts Festival 2019 will run from 6 July to 25 August 2019, bringing community arts to 250,000 residents across Singapore. The festival theme, “Our Home, Our HeARTs", invites residents to use arts to express our love and aspirations, as Singaporeans, for our community and for Singapore.

With 38 Art Villages happening island-wide, organised by our network of Community Arts & Culture Clubs, the festival will showcase a range of vibrant art elements. It will spread across five different festival experiences catered for families: Season of Painting, Story Land, Starry Starry Night, Art Kaleidoscope and Pop-up Art!.

In commemoration of Singapore's Bicentennial, PAssionArts and 30,000 residents including young families will present a special gift to all Singaporeans: The Garden of HeARTs. 200 of such gardens will bloom with 4,000 small, medium and big hearts. These installations will be on display at various community locations island-wide.

Be part of this year's PAssionArts Festival with your family and friends! To download the Festival Guide, click here (15.2MB, PDF).

For more information and full event listings, visit us at PAssionArts Facebook page today!

PAssionArts Volunteer Corps

PAssionArts Volunteer CorpsWant to make a difference through Arts and Culture? Join us as volunteers today!

How can you volunteer?

As PAssionArts Community Artists:

  • If you love to perform and interact with the public
  • If you love to share the joy of performance with others
  • Roles include: Comperes, Performers – Singers, Dancers, Actors, Artist- Mural Painting, Craft, Sculpture, Cartoon/Portrait Drawing

As PAssionArts Programme Volunteers

  • If you love art and want to contribute behind the scenes at PAssionArts activities
  • Roles include: Space Designers, Marketing and publicity consultants, Collaterals editors, Programme booklets/flyers designers

Get in touch with your local Community Arts and Culture Club (CACC) at the Community Club closest to you or call us at 6340 5548.

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