Community Dialogue

The PA and its grassroots organisations regularly organise forums and seminars that give residents the opportunity to find out more about government policies and initiatives, to have their concerns addressed and to offer feedback to help refine policies and initiatives.   

Community Forums

Citizens’ Consultative Committees (CCC) organise community forums to give residents the opportunity to offer constructive ideas on improving their own neighbourhoods and to participate in community building.

PAYM Policy Forum Series

PAYM Policy Forum SeriesThese forums by the PA Youth Movement (PAYM) offer opportunities for youths and young working adults to discuss and better understand current national issues, as well as the rationale, constraints and benefits behind the implementation of certain policies.

District Meetings

Each Community Development Council (CDC) organises a District Meeting every year to update stakeholders on their programmes and to engage them on upcoming plans.

District Meetings

Page updated 25 May 2021