Racial Harmony

The programmes organised by the PA are open to everyone. They are common spaces for people of different races, languages, religions and socio-economic backgrounds to interact and get to know one another better.


Community Activities

Community ActivitiesMany local-level racial harmony programmes are organised by the grassroots organisations to raise the level of understanding amongst neighbours of different races. In recent years, more focus has been given to programmes that encourage community participation to deepen inter-racial understanding among residents. Some of the efforts include bringing residents from various races and ethnic groups together to develop and organise racial harmony programmes.


Arts & Cultural Programmes

Arts and Cultural ProgrammesThe PA organises many programmes to showcase and celebrate Singapore’s rich multi-cultural heritage. Here are some of them.


Soundwaves is PA’s signature concert that celebrates racial harmony and promotes local talents in Singapore. At the heart of the annual concert is the performance by the PA Talents, with 10 performing units and more than 300 musicians and dancers. The concert often brings together the biggest names in the industry. Performers who have been featured in previous Soundwaves include Dick Lee, Jeremy and Claressa Monteiro, George Chan, Eunice Olsen, Brian Richmond and many others.

PA Talents Season

These is a series of concerts that feature different ethnic music and dance groups, showcasing the diversity of Singapore’s cultures to a multi-ethnic audience. Visit the PA Talents Facebook Page for more information.


Gentarasa was initiated in 2002 to foster greater awareness and appreciation of the Malay culture in our multi-racial society.  Gentarasa also serves as a platform for the Malay performing groups at the Community Clubs (CCs) to showcase their talent in Malay performing arts.

Gentarasa, meaning “Chimes of Expression”, showcases the many performing talents from the Malay community. This not only raises public awareness and appreciation for the Malay Culture but also provides a stage for the performing groups to increase their standards and nurture their potential.


The annual street procession brings diverse groups of people together, and showcases the rich multi-cultural diversity of our society, through a parade of exciting performances and colourful floats. Visit the Chingay website for more information.


National Orange Ribbon Celebrations

National Orange Ribbon CelebrationsThe National Orange Ribbon Celebrations are organised by OnePeople.sg in promotion of Singapore’s multi-racial society. The Celebrations aim to facilitate deeper interaction and better understanding between individuals and communities, thus fostering a stronger sense of identity and building a more resilient social fabric.

OnePeople.sg, the leading advocate for multi-racialism, was formed in 1997 by the Community Development Councils to promote racial harmony and to spearhead programmes to bring the different ethnic communities together. Visit OnePeople.sg Facebook page for more information.

Page updated 26 Aug 2020