Women's Programmes

The PA, through its network of Women’s Executive Committees, encourages women to lead active lives and contribute to the community.

Women's Executive Committees

The Women’s Executive Committees (WECs) organise activities and programmes to galvanise women from all walks of life to promote community bonding, nurture the young, and help the less fortunate. There are WECs located at each of the Community Clubs islandwide. Besides building stronger bonds amongst women of all races, WEC activities and programmes engage women and their families so as to meet their needs and interests as well as to create opportunities for women to participate in community and national affairs.

Our WECs also organise interest groups to encourage women with common interests to meet regularly, exchange ideas, network, mingle and make new friends. There are many interest groups ranging from parenting, beauty and fitness to culinary and travel. You are welcomed to explore and visit any of our many interest groups to find one that suits you.

The WECs are guided by the Women's Integration Network (WIN) Council. Besides offering national-level events, the WIN Council runs programmes such as the GRACE (GRoom-A-Child-to-Excel) Mentorship Programme which nurtures young girls from lower-income families and Citi-Tsao Financial Education Programme for Women to equip women with financial management knowledge.

GRACE Mentorship Programme

The GRACE Mentorship Programme enables preteen girls (aged between 7 and 12 years old) to develop their potential with given opportunities from their community. Under this programme, the WIN Council members together with their WECs will be mentors to the girls who come from low household income families.

The girls will receive help in their studies and get enrolled in enrichment courses at Community clubs to develop their academic and non-academic talents. They will also participate in community activities such as outdoor excursions.

CITI-Tsao Financial Education Programme

The Citi-Tsao Financial Education Programme was launched in April 2008 to help Singaporean women manage their finances better. The programme provides information and suggestions to help these women develop and manage their financial plans such that they are able to provide for themselves in their old age.

For more information about programmes by WECs and WIN Council visit our Facebook page.

Page updated 19 Nov 2020