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The People’s Association works through Community Sports Clubs (CSCs) to foster community bonding through a wide array of sports activities for residents to participate and interact with one another.

Over the years, the CSCs’ flagship programmes have included the One Community Walk, and the Community Sports Festival. To continue the vibrancy of the CSCs, a new flagship programme, the Community Sports Day, was introduced in 2016, along with the evergreen programmes like the PAssion Children’s Football and the popular Singapore Community Games.

Other than the HQ flagship programmes, the CSCs activities at the grassroots level also include an array of activities, ranging from brisk walks, mass swims, sports carnivals, bowling, badminton, football and sepak takraw, and in recent years also included frisbee, kin-ball and fuzionball. Here are some highlights of our key programmes.

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Friendship Grant

Friendship Grant

The Friendship Grant is part of the People's Association (PA)'s efforts to encourage residents to initiate sports activities/events in the neighbourhood for community bonding.

Residents can apply up to $2,000 to organise sports activities at such as fitness workouts, competitions or sports clinics. (Project should not exceed $20/person at each engagement)

Each activity session should last at least 45 minutes, with a minimum of 10 participants (at least half of them staying within the neighbourhood).

Other than for the general public, applications are now also open for students to organise sport activities within their school’s neighbourhood as well!

You may indicate your interest via or email to for enquiries and we will get back to you shortly!

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Singapore Community Games

Singapore Community Games               

The Singapore Community Games (SCG) is a multi-sports competition held across the island. Introduced in 2012, Singapore Community Games aims to bring sports to the heart of the community and connect residents of different ages, races and living across estates.

In 2018's edition of the Singapore Community Games, residents got the chance to take part in Badminton, Table Tennis, Sepaktakraw (Men's Open/Junior), Men's Basketball 3-on-3, Bowling and the all new Community Ultra Ekiden. The competition was held from March 2018 to May 2018.

The Singapore Community Games 2018 (SCG 2018) will continue till the end of 2018 with the introduction of the SCG 2018 Sequel!

SCG 2018 Sequel will feature 3 different sports competition, namely Floorball, Netball and Tennis. Interested to join? Look out in the space below for more updates!

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SCG Sequel

1. SCG 2018 Floorball

Mixed Under 9/Mixed Under 12
Men's Under 16/Women's Under 16
Men's Under 21/Women's Under 21
Men's Under 36/Women's Under 36
Mixed Under 36 Open/Mixed Under 36 Novice

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SCG 2018 Netball

2. SCG 2018 Netball

Date: 17 November 2018, Saturday

Venue: Sengkang Central Community Club, Netball Court

Women's Under 16
Women's Under 21
Women's Open

To register, please visit!

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3. SCG 2018 Tennis

Date: To be confirmed

Venue: To be confirmed

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Community Sports Day

Community Sports Day

The Community Sports Day (CSD) is a 1-day or half-day fun-filled event organised by the Community Sports Clubs (CSCs), in partnership with the various Grassroots Organisations (GROs) Constituencies’ level.

It is an Open Day at the Community Club or an open space in the constituency where residents are treated to lots of fun and exciting programmes, including modified sports try-outs, sports clinics/workshops, sports games and challenges.

The Community Sports Day in 2017 was held on 23 July 2017 (Sunday), which engaged more than 40,000 residents over 76 location islandwide. Look out for more information here or at our CSC Facebook page for more details on Community Sports Day 2018!

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PAssion Children's Football

PAssion Children's Football

The PAssion Children’s Football (PACF) programme, formerly known as the Children’s Football League, was initiated in 2004 by the People’s Association.  The programme is a platform for children aged 5 to 12 years old, regardless of gender, to spend quality family time with their parents and bond with the community through football. 

With the motto “Every Child is a Champion”, the objectives of PAssion Children’s Football are to promote family and community bonding while developing children’s physical and social skills through football.

Volunteers are a vital part of the programme and parents are strongly encouraged to participate as assistant coaches and facilitators. Regular workshops are organised to equip Parent Volunteers with knowledge and skills on football training for children, first-aid, etc.

Click here for more details and sign up at your preferred PAssion Children’s Football Centre Now!

For further enquiries, please email       

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