PA recognises the importance of getting a good start in life, and we have the tools and channels to help you express yourself in your community. We know you have something to say, ideas to contribute and activities you want to participate in. So whether you are looking to quench your thirst for adventure, develop your potential in sports, or fulfil your quest for knowledge, PA has a wide-range of youth programmes and activities for you.

People's Association Youth Movement Programmes

As a leading youth organisation, the PAYM was set up in 1971 as a core youth movement in Singapore to engage youth in meaningful pursuits and support the Government in nation building. Through our strategy of ‘Youth for Youth, Youth for Community’, PAYM provides diverse and holistic activities for our youths to develop into responsible and active citizens.

Involving 102 Youth Clubs based at the Community Clubs/Centres (CCs), PAYM’s various programs and activities create a common space for youth to bond and contribute to their local communities regardless of race, religion and educational backgrounds. Over at PAYM, we proactively create opportunities for our youth to unleash their potentials and fulfil their aspirations.

People's Association Youth Movement Service-Learning Champions

PAYM Service-Learning Champions
The PAYM reaches out to youths in secondary schools via the Service-Learning Champion (SLC) Scheme, which aims to promote holistic development in youths by enabling them to achieve personal, character and academic development, and acquire values, life skills, a sense of civil responsibility and commitment through being involved in community service.

A strong emphasis on personal development and hands-on experiences greatly enhance the learning experience of students. SLCs are encouraged to organise a wide variety of service activities to meet the needs of their community, and to tap on their own talents and initiatives in the process.

Community Leadership Programme

Community Leadership Programme

The Community Leadership Programme (CLP) is developed to expose students to grassroots work and a diverse range of volunteer activities.

Students will be attached to the Youth Executive Committees (YECs) and mentored by experienced YEC leaders. Students will be challenged to step out of their comfort zones through a journey of experiential learning, community projects, leadership workshops, house-to-house visits, dialogue sessions and participation in national campaigns – PAYM Loves Red and YOUths Care @ PAYM.

Through CLP, the students will not only hone their leadership skills but also cultivate a sense of appreciation on the importance of bridging diverse communities.

Interests Groups
Interest Groups

Interest groups are formed by the youths for the youths at the CCs where youths can meet like-minded peers and pursue their interests together.

These interest groups are excellent platforms for youths to interact regularly, share resources and forge meaningful friendships.

Popular interest groups include beach volleyball, archery, cheerleading, yo-yo, performing arts and astronomy.

Community Service Programmes

Community Service Programmes

To build a civic-conscious youth community, the PAYM also provides platforms for youths to contribute to the wider community.

Currently, our youths have implemented more than 100 sustainable community service programmes such as weekly reading classes for children from the lower-income families, environmental outreach drives, and weekly free meal distribution to the needy and less mobile elderly, and environmental outreach activities.

Forum and Dialogue Series

The PAYM engages both schooling and working youths and heightens their sense of belonging in the community by consulting their views on current issues and national policies through a series of different forums and dialogues lined up every year.

YOUTHSpeak on Budget

YOUTHSpeak on Budget engages youth from our youth communities to gather feedback on Budget. This annual post-Budget dialogue is held after Budget Day as a platform for our youths to share their feedback on the budget initiatives shared by the Finance Minister during Budget Day. Through this process, PAYM hopes to deepen youths’ interest, knowledge and insight on current affairs, as well as understand the trade-off in policy-making.

The youths will have the opportunity to meet and network with like-minded youths from the various institutions and organisations, as well as to share their views with fellow youths and our special guests.

Voices of Youth

Voices of Youth is a post- National Day Rally (NDR) forum programme series that is held every year to gather feedback from youths on Prime Minister's NDR speech. The discussions enabled youths to engage constructively and provided a platform for them to share their feedback on the issues raised at the NDR . This series aims to strengthen the government to youth connectivity by deepening the youths' interest, knowledge and insight on current affairs, as well as understand the trade-off in policy-making.

Conversation with Leaders of Tomorrow Conversation with Leaders of Tomorrow Policy Forum series is one of PAYM’s latest initiatives to promote better understanding of government policies and its trade-offs among youths from the Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs). The forum invites IHL youths to share their views on current issues and national policies with representatives from the government, private and academic sectors. The feedback received would be channelled to the relevant agencies for consideration and implementation where appropriate.

People's Association Youth Movement Chingay Contingent

People's Assoication Youth Movement Chingay Contingent

Since 2008, youths have come forward to take charge in creating their own special showcases, taking on roles that see them lead fellow volunteers and performers, and even design their own costumes in the annual extravaganza of Chingay Parade. For Chingay Parade 2015, the PAYM anchored the finale of the Parade, showcasing the dynamism and strength of the youths. 1,000 youths performed with a compliment of 150 tree props across a sector of 360 meters in length and 12 meters in width at the F1 Pit. The PAYM contingent was awarded the ‘Best Audience Contingent’ and ‘Champion of the Year Award.


PAYM Loves Red

PAYM Loves Red

The “PAYM Loves Red” supports and encourages all youths to organise meaningful and interesting National Day celebratory activities in the months of July and August. Through these projects, youths can connect with their peers and local residents, and together, display the vibrant energy, passion and their patriotism toward the nation in creative and unique ways.

The focus for “SG50 PAYM Loves Red” is for youths to embrace and actualise the values and visions from the Youth Aspirations for Singapore Campaign in their ‘SG50 PAYM Loves Red’ projects. As part of SG50 celebration, projects undertaken by the youths and participants would allow them to reflect on the reasons for our nation’s success and the factors underpinning it.

YOUths Care @ People's Association Youth Movement

YOUths Care

‘YOUths Care @ PAYM’, an island-wide community service initiative, was mooted in 2011 to encourage more youths to come together to care for the less privileged in our community. In the month of November and December 2014, more than 6,800 youths spread love and joy to more than 13,500 beneficiaries through 104 programmes island-wide.

In celebration of the nation’s Golden Jubilee, ‘SG50 YOUths Care @ PAYM’ took place over three months, from April to June 2015. For this special year, YECs, RC/NC Youth Chapters, IHLs and SLCs are outreaching together as a PAYM, to help 50 beneficiary organisations in conjunction with Singapore’s 50th birthday.

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