PA recognises the importance of getting a good start in life, and we have the tools and channels to help you express yourself in your community. We know you have something to say, ideas to contribute and activities you want to participate in. So whether you are looking to quench your thirst for adventure, develop your potential in sports, or fulfil your quest for knowledge, PA has a wide-range of youth programmes and activities for you.

People's Association Youth Movement Programmes

As a leading youth organisation, the People's Association Youth Movement (PAYM) was set up in 1971 as a core youth movement in Singapore to engage youth in meaningful pursuits and support the Government in nation building. Through our strategy of ‘Youth for Youth, Youth for Community’, PAYM provides diverse and holistic activities for our youths to develop into active citizens.

Involving over 90 Youth Networks based at the Community Clubs/Centres (CCs), PAYM’s various programs and activities create a common space for youth to bond and contribute to their local communities regardless of race, religion and educational backgrounds. Over at PAYM, we proactively create opportunities for our youth to unleash their potentials and fulfil their aspirations.

PAYM Service-Learning Champion

PAYM Service-Learning Champions
The PAYM reaches out to youths in secondary schools via the Service-Learning Champion (SLC) Scheme, which aims to promote holistic development in youths by enabling them to achieve personal, character and academic development, and acquire values, life skills, a sense of civil responsibility and commitment through being involved in community service.

A strong emphasis on personal development and hands-on experiences greatly enhance the learning experience of students. SLCs are encouraged to organise a wide variety of service activities to meet the needs of their community, and to tap on their own talents and initiatives in the process.

Community Leadership Programme

Community Leadership Programme

The Community Leadership Programme (CLP) is developed to introduce students from Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) to community work and a diverse range of volunteer activities

Students will be attached to the Youth Networks (YN) and mentored by experienced YN leaders. Students will embark on a journey of experiential learning, community projects, leadership workshops, house-to-house visits, dialogue sessions and participation in national campaigns – PAYM Loves Red and Community YOUthCare Festival.

Through CLP, the students will not only hone their leadership skills but also cultivate a sense of appreciation on the importance of bridging diverse communities.

Interests Groups
Interest Groups

Interest groups are formed by the youths for the youths at the CCs where youths can meet like-minded peers and pursue their interests together.

These interest groups are excellent platforms for youths to interact regularly, share resources and forge meaningful friendships.

Popular interest groups include beach volleyball, archery, cheerleading, yo-yo, performing arts and astronomy.

Community Service Programmes

Community Service Programmes

To build a civic-conscious youth community, the PAYM also provides platforms for youths to contribute to the wider community.

Forums and Dialogues

The PAYM engages both schooling and working youths and heightens their sense of belonging in the community by consulting their views on current issues and national policies through a series of different forums and dialogues lined up every year.

YOUTHSpeak on Budget

Voices of Youth


Conversation with Leaders of Tomorrow

PAYM Loves Red

PAYM Loves Red

The “PAYM Loves Red” campaign supports and encourages all youths to organise meaningful and interesting National Day celebratory activities in the months of July and August to celebrate Singapore's multicultural social fabric. Through these projects, youths can connect with their peers and local residents, and together, display the vibrant energy, passion and their appreciation toward the nation in creative and unique ways.


Community YOUthCare Festival

YOUths Care

Community YOUthCare Festival is an annual island-wide community service campaign, mooted in 2011 to encourage more youths to come together to care for the less privileged in our community.

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