Community Integration

PA through its Grassroots Organisations (GROs) and Integration and Naturalisation Champions (INCs), help new citizens and Permanent Residents (PRs) settle in the community, providing platforms for them to interact with and bond with the local residents. Through their participation in various integration-centric programmes and GRO programmes/activities, the new immigrants can make friends and develop mutual understanding with their neighbours and other residents in the community. 

New Initiative: ‘Your Neighbourly Welcome Guide’

Neighbourly Guide

An initiative of the People’s Association, “Your Neighbourly Welcome Guide” contains colourful anecdotes and well-kept secrets from residents and volunteers. These unique stories of places, activities and experiences are happening right in your neighbourhood.

Discover the gems of your neighbourhood with the guidebook!
(More GRC Welcome Guides are coming up!)

Integration and Naturalisation Champions

Integration and Naturalisation ChampionsIntegration and Naturalisation Champions (INCs) initiate and spearhead integration and naturalisation programmes in the local community. INCs actively reach out to new citizens/PRs by conducting house visits to welcome and invite them to join grassroots activities to expand their social network. INCs also organise various grassroots activities such as welcome tea parties and festive celebrations to engage new citizens/PRs.

Integration Strategies

PA's Integration Strategies

To achieve the key objective of PA’s integration efforts to widen our outreach and deepen engagement with new citizens/PRs (new immigrants), PA has adopted the following three key strategic approaches:

  • Intensifying local integration efforts through the Residents' Committees and Neighbourhood Committees;
  • Multiplying outreach through partnership with Immigrant Associations and external organisations; and
  • Promoting greater awareness on integration through publicity and social media.

    Integration Programmes

    • House Visits and Welcome/Floor Parties
    • INC Activities
    • Integration of New Immigrants through Interest Groups
    • Community Learning Journey
    • Singapore Experiential Tour and Community Sharing Session (part of the Singapore Citizenship Journey for new citizens)
    • Citizenship Ceremony


    Page updated 28 Dec 2022