The PA offers a wide range of facilities and services to cater to your different needs – be it for personal use, for the community or for your company. We offer common spaces for like minded people to connect and build new friendships through a variety of activities, from recreational to educational. You are even welcomed to rent traditional costumes or book our performing groups for your events.

Community Club Facilities

Community Club Facilities

Community Clubs (CCs) are meeting grounds for all residents, offering a venue for activities within the community. Our CCs bring people together through a variety of programmes, from youth to active-aging programmes; and from classroom-based courses to sporting and fitness activities, bazaar sales and parties. CCs also offer a wide-range of facilities, from basic ones like basketball and badminton courts to more modern ones like dance studios and gymnasiums. Residents will also get to enjoy the services ranging from dining to enrichment.

Book your CC courses and facilities at the onePA website.

CC Commercial Spaces for Lease

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Commercial tenants are one of the channels through which the People’s Association reach out to residents across all ages, races and places of residence. We invite interested commercial operators to lease our CC commercial spaces to conduct businesses to add vibrancy and provide additional avenues for people to bond together.

View the list of available CC spaces for lease here


Page updated 30 Jan 2023