Community Club Management Committees

Our Community Club Management Committees (CCMCs) help build, manage and maintain all our Community Clubs (CCs). Made up of volunteers who work with our staff, the CCMCs meet regularly to plan and organise innovative programmes that help bring residents together at the CCs to interact and forge friendships.

What role does the CCMCs play?

Our CCMCs promote racial harmony and social cohesion through the various cultural, educational, recreational, sporting, social and other community-based activities organised specially for residents. Our CCMCs manage all the CCs, ensure that all CCs keep up with the expectations and needs of residents, and organise creative and innovative courses and activities for residents in the community.

Executive Committees

To help the CCMCs achieve their objectives, various executive committees were set up to focus on different areas. These executive committees are under the purview of the CCMCs and help ensure that different segments of residents are well looked after.

Join the various activities organised by these executive committees at your nearest CC.

Senior Citizens' Executive Committees

The Senior Citizens’ Executive Committee (EC) plans and organises a wide array of activities and courses to enrich the life experiences of seniors. These include arts and culture, lifestyle pursuits, lifelong learning, and sports and wellness programmes. The SCEC aims to engage and empower seniors to lead active, healthy and meaningful lives in the community..

Women's Executive Committees

Women's Executive Committees (WECs) play an important role in galvanising women from all walks of life to promote community bonding, nurture leadership qualities among our women and help the less fortunate. Events and activities organised by WECs offer common space for like-minded people to connect, build new friendships and contribute to community harmony.

The objectives of the WEC are :

  • Widen outreach to women of all races to build strong bonds among them;
  • Engage women and their families in activities and programmes that meet their needs and interests;
  • Create opportunities for women to participate in community and national affairs.

Youth Executive Committees

Our Youth Executive Committee (YEC) is the managing body for the Youth Group in a Community Club. Reaching out to youths, our YEC organises a wide range of activities and projects ranging from sports and recreation to culture, arts and community service.

The role of YECs include:

  • Developing programmes for youths and setting up subcommittees to implement its activities
  • Working closely with the Community Club Management Committee and other grassroots organisations in putting together community development projects; and
  • Connecting with other Youth Clubs and the Council to support the People’s Association Youth Movement (PAYM)

Malay Activity Executive Committees

The Malay Activity Executive Committees (MAECs) promote greater Malay participation in the management and activities of various grassroots organisations (GROs). MAECs organise cultural, educational, social, recreational and sporting activities to promote mutual respect and harmonious relations between the Malays and other communities. Activities organised by our MAECs include Silat classes, dance workshops, and Hari Raya celebrations.

Want to know more about the Malay culture? Join the MAEC activities at your nearest CC.

Indian Activity Executive Committees

The Indian Activity Executive Committees (IAECs) organise cultural, educational, social, recreational and sporting activities to promote mutual respect and harmonious relations between Indians and other communities.

The IAECs work closely with other grassroots organisations (GROs) to open up opportunities for Indians and other Singaporeans to interact and build mutual understanding.

To know more about the Indian culture, join the IAEC activities at your nearest CC.

Page updated 14 Aug 2018