Malay Activity Executive Committees Council

The People’s Association Malay Activity Executive Committees Council (MESRA) is the coordinating body for Malay Activity Executive Committees (MAECs) that are set up at Community Clubs.

The functions of MESRA are to:

  • Guide MAECs in engaging the community through a wide range of outreach programmes;
  • Assist MAECs and other GROs to identify and recruit suitable Malay grassroots leaders; and
  • Facilitate collaborations between MAECs and other GROs in the larger community.

Annually, MESRA organises Gentarasa, the biggest Malay cultural show in Singapore that aims to build an appreciation for and understanding of the Malay culture amongst the other communities. MESRA also holds regular dialogue sessions to discuss issues concerning the Malay community.

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Page updated 26 Aug 2017