Residents' Network

Residents’ Networks (RNs) were set up in 2018 to promote greater social mixing between residents across all ages, races and all estates.

Like the Residents’ Committees (RC) and Neighbourhood Committees (NC), RNs promote neighbourliness, social cohesion and acts as a bridge between the people and the Government.

By working closely with the government agencies and community partners, RNs help residents know one another better, seek to understand local needs, concerns, and aspirations, as well as help communicate government messages.

The functions of the RNs are to:

  • To promote neighbourliness, social cohesion among residents from the public and private housing estates of the Designated Zone;
  • To liaise with and make recommendations to governmental authorities on the needs and aspirations of residents of the Designated Zone;
  • To disseminate information and channel feedback on government policies and actions from residents of the Designated Zone; and
  • To promote good citizenship among residents of the Designated Zone.


Page updated 10 Oct 2019