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Come onboard NACLI’s learning journey today!  Download the latest copy of our Training Schedule here!  Click on the images below to download a copy to your devices.

Current Issue [Jan - Mar 2022]

NACLI Training Schedule (Jan-Mar 2022)NC 1/2022 (199KB, PDF)

Training Schedule (Past Issues)

 NACLI Training Schedule (Oct - Dec 2021)NC 3/2021 (1.95 MB, PDF)  NC 2-2021 (cover)NC 2/2021 (6.29MB, PDF)
 NC 1-2021 (web cover) NC 1/2021 (5.41MB, PDF) NC 3-2020 (web cover)NC 3/2020 (1.94MB, PDF) 
NC 2-2020 (cover)NC 2/2020  (3.74MB, PDF)
NC 1-2020 NC 1/2020  (4.88MB, PDF)

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