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One Punggol features the following key facilities:

a.     Community Club (CC)

Punggol Vista Community Club has been renamed One Punggol Community Club. With a newer and bigger space than before, the CC is now able to expand its offerings to the community, including a 600-seat multi-purpose hall with 4 badminton courts, futsal and basketball courts, culinary and music studios, karaoke facilities, seminar, interest group rooms and activity rooms amongst other community spaces.

b.    ServiceSG Centre

One of the development’s key facilities is ServiceSG Centre One Punggol. It is a first-stop, whole-of-government physical service touchpoint to help citizens, especially those who are not digitally savvy or without the means to transact digitally, to access up to 400 frequently used government services and schemes across 20 agencies. In addition to helping citizens with their transactions and/or enquiries, ServiceSG centre staff value-add by cross referring related services across agencies to citizens, helping citizens save time and effort from needing to approach different agencies to ask for help. The centre will also be equipped with a Digital Lobby for citizens to self-help, and consultation rooms for citizens to speak face-to-face or/and connect with selected government agency officers via video conferencing to get assistance on complex services.

c.     Punggol Regional Library

The Punggol Regional Library will be located between Levels 1 and 5. To increase accessibility for everyone, Singapore’s first fully inclusive library, Punggol Regional Library, will feature inclusive spaces, technology, programmes, and special collections for all patrons, including persons with disabilities*. This is part of NLB’s LAB25 (Libraries and Archives Blueprint 2025) to become an Equaliser by bridging gaps, including more and empowering all in the digital age.

* Persons with disabilities include those with deafness, visual impairment, physical disabilities, autism and intellectual disabilities

d.    Hawker Centre

The development includes a hawker centre managed by Timbre+ Hawkers Private Limited, located on Level 2 and can be easily accessed from The Plaza and Celebration Square (community spaces on level 1). Designed with a high ceiling for good natural ventilation and family-friendly seating, the hawker centre will be where families and friends can enjoy affordable meals together in a comfortable setting.

e.     Child and Senior Care Facilities

The childcare centre operated by Skool4Kidz will provide an estimated 500 preschool places in 2023. Parents in Punggol can look forward to an affordable and quality childcare centre as part of the Government’s continued efforts to meet growing childcare demand in young estates.

The Senior Care Centre operated by St Luke’s Eldercare provides a full day care programme for seniors who require supervision while their caregivers are at work. The service aims to maintain and/or improve the general, physical and social well-being of seniors through therapy, and doubles as a place for seniors to socialise and participate in recreational activities.

f.      Bloodbank@One Punggol

The Bloodbank@One Punggol provides a convenient place for donors to donate blood regularly. Health Sciences Authority (HSA) works closely with the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) and grassroots organisations to increase awareness among the residents through educational programmes and activities.

g.    Kidney Dialysis Centre

The kidney dialysis centre provides a convenient location for nearby residents requiring haemodialysis services.

h.     Punggol Green

One Punggol will feature a 12,000 square metre linear green park called Punggol Green, comprising activity corners and facilities to serve the respective demographic profiles of Punggol residents i.e. playgrounds for toddlers, children between 6 and 12 years, senior citizens fitness corners, basketball courts etc.

One Punggol will also feature community spaces on its roof! With 8 BBQ pits, community garden, community activity spaces and a generous number of well-furnished common spaces throughout the entire rooftop, visitors will have countless opportunities to soak up the prettiest sunrises and sunsets in Singapore.

In addition, One Punggol will also feature a multitude of other retail, food and beverage options for visitors. These service and facility features will also support and nurture a collaborative environment between co-location partners, thereby allowing more innovative and varied programme offerings to be made available to the community.

Page updated 11 Oct 2022