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About Our Tampines Hub

Our Tampines Hub (OTH) is Singapore’s first and largest integrated community and lifestyle hub, catering to the needs of over 225,000 Tampines residents and the eastern region of Singapore.

With People’s Association as the lead agency, OTH serves 12 stakeholders and offers more than 30 community, sports, cultural, civic and lifestyle facilities integrated together over a site area of 5.7 hectares. It boasts a floor area of 120,000 sqm along with a build-up of 232,000sqm.

Our Tampines Hub Commercial Spaces for Lease

Commercial tenants are one of the channels through which the People’s Association reach out to residents across all ages, races and places of residence. We invite interested commercial operators to lease commercial spaces in Our Tampines Hub (OTH) to conduct businesses to add vibrancy and provide additional avenues for people to bond together.

View the list of available spaces at OTH for lease  below:

Town Square

The development is guided by three principles: resident-centricity, optimisation of resources and infrastructure, as well as encouraging community ownership through resident engagement.

As a resident-centric development, the 5 “E”s of a participatory design process was employed from the start to ensure purposeful inclusion of the community in the design process.

Engage: Create opportunities for two-way exchanges between stakeholders and residents through social media, focus groups and block parties;

Enrich: Enhance information exchanged between the project team and community so short term inconveniences are better managed against the long term benefits for the community;

Empathy: Being sensitive and conscious toward aspirations of the community, thereby prioritising collective needs and wants;

Empower: The long term sustenance of a development of this scale means engendering a sense of ownership amongst residents through participation;

Evaluate: The ongoing process of constantly taking stock and engaging with residents to ensure continual refinement of the hub.


Eco-sustainability at Our Tampines Hub

OTH champions Eco-sustainability and no effort is spared in optimising resources and minimising waste.

Having achieved BCA’s Green Market (Platinum) certification, OTH boasts a closed loop system of environment solutions and features i.e. solar panels, water catchment, storage and filtration equipment, irrigation features, green walls, natural ventilation, Electric Car Park and charging stations, Ethylene Tetra Fluoro Ethylene roofs and a comprehensive food waste management system supported by an Eco-Digester Centre that converts food waste into 3 by-products, namely non-potable water, liquid plant nutrients and organic fertiliser that is used by the Hub and shared with the community.


Smart Nation Technology and Initiatives

OTH is proud to support Smart Nation initiatives in an effort to serve communities efficiently and effectively. These include the adoption of various Smart Nation technology to ensure service delivery exceeds visitor expectations including intelligent queue management systems, cashless kiosks / systems, video analytic software programmes, interactive way-finding, integrated ticketing systems, mobile apps and social media tools.

Taking advantage of innovation and productivity, hub visitors can now enjoy greater convenience and better accessibility.

Smart Nation Technology

Tampines Kindness Movement

The Tampines Kindness Movement (TKM) is an offshoot of the Singapore Kindness Movement and focuses on building a community culture that practices graciousness toward neighbour and environment. OTH is the crucible for the TKM and supports this by promoting ground-up initiatives of Tampines residents with its Ambassadors i.e. volunteers, across different facets of its operations.

The objective is to engender in all visitors a sense of responsibility toward building this culture because everyone plays a part in contributing toward the creation of a kinder and more gracious culture toward each other and the environment.

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