Project We Care

Established in 2012, Project We Care is an initiative led by the private sector and the People’s Association (PA) to encourage corporate giving and volunteerism in Singapore. It engages sector CEOs and Business Leaders to rally their employees to contribute towards meaningful causes in the community.

Through the leadership of Ms Wee Wei Ling, Chairperson of Project We Care and the CEOs/Business Leaders Committee, Project We Care aims to provide easy participation platforms for corporates to do good and also impact and inspire other corporations to step forward and help.

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Corporate Giving and Volunteering Participation Platforms

Project We Care can facilitate different formats of participation to suit your organisation's objectives, resources and interest areas:

1.     Network Level Participation

Network Level initiatives are “easy participation” platforms for organisations to collectively contribute cash, in-kind or staff volunteers to support annual highpoint events or sustainable programme impacting residents island-wide.  Such platforms enable pooling of resources to make a bigger impact to the lives of the vulnerable community.

Project We Care ENRICH Lab is an example of a sustainable skill empowerment programme for the vulnerable.  The initiative pools together industry-specific expertise and volunteers from various corporates to impart useful skills in enabling beneficiaries to stay mentally active and build up their confidence and self-reliance.

ENRICHCorporate volunteer imparting basic fix-it skill (repair leaking tap) to youth beneficiary

Project We Care Stay Well is another network level programme that aims to improve the living conditions of the vulnerable residents through basic refurbishment works made possible by pooling together cash, expertise, volunteers and in-kind support by several companies in the Network. Tailored according to the needs of each of these household, this programme includes bed bugs fumigation, replacement of dilapidated furniture, basic repair works, as well as cleaning up of homes by corporate volunteers. 

EZ-linkCorporate volunteers helping beneficiary to dispose of dilapidated furniture

Project We Care Stay Well with Friends, an enhanced edition to Project We Care Stay Well programme, aims to provide a sustainable quarterly befriending platform for corporate volunteers to organise simple engagement activities to bring cheer and enhance the social well-being of beneficiaries.

PPHGBefriending engagement by Corporate volunteers through Hama Beads Making

2.     Work Group Level Participation

At the Work Group Level, a small group of CEOs and Business Leaders can come together to jointly champion projects and causes they are passionate about.

SPECtacular Workgroup is an example where a group of companies, hospitals and tertiary organisations from optical fields spearheaded and designed a holistic end-to-end eye care experience (eye screening, eye wear, eye care education and even cataract treatment) for low income families since 2015.  The workgroup also involved localised optical shops’ participation and introduced new elements such as dental and mobile eye screening bus to offer value-added healthcare experience and bring eye care closer to where residents live.

SPECtacularA delighted beneficiary with her new spectacles! 

SPECtacularv2Corporate volunteer guiding beneficiary in boarding the mobile eye-screening bus


FABulous Workgroup is made possible by a group of like-minded companies from the Food & Beverages industry. Participating companies gather to design FABulous Creations, a culinary skill empowerment programme involving their chefs to mentor the youth and imparting knowledge of varied cuisines, as well as step-by-step instructions on whipping up the dishes.  At the end of the programme, the youth applied what they have learnt to serve up their proud creations to seniors and their family members.

FABulousBeneficiaries are in full concentration as a chef volunteer was demonstrating techniques on cutting vegetables

3.     Individual Level Participation

For Individual Level participation, Project We Care is able to facilitate the co-creation of a meaningful Corporate Giving and Volunteerism programme that is in line with the organisation’s objectives and interest areas.

POSB PAssion Run for Kids by POSB and PA is an example of such participation. The annual POSB PAssion Run for Kids provides an effective platform for POSB to rally their corporate partners to raise funds to support meaningful programmes for children aged up to 16 years old; a focus outreach group identified by POSB.

posb“Ready, get set, go!” - Launch of the 3.5km Family Walk

Breakfast on Us by Ritz Carlton is another example of such participation. Started since 2016, they invited their network of associates and staff in donating over 1,000 Christmas gifts. In a creative twist to the programme, Ritz Carlton treated their associates and staff to a sumptuous breakfast session where guests would bring the gifts down.  Through PA networks, the gifts were distributed to underprivileged children across 5 districts in Singapore.

Ritz CarltonStaff volunteers helping to pack the Christmas gifts donated by Ritz Carlton’s partners and fellow colleagues  

Project We Care Fund

The Project We Care Fund was set up to support meaningful initiatives under Project We Care. Managed independently as a part of the People’s Association Community Development Fund (PACDF), Project We Care Fund is a registered charity under the Charities Act and donors are entitled tax deductions.

An example of programme supported by the fund include:

Project We Care Garden Party @ Istana is a bi-annual highpoint event hosted by the President of Singapore.  This meaningful platform aims to pool together varied resources (cash, in-kind sponsorship, expertise or volunteers) to make possible a fun carnival style event in bringing cheer to the vulnerable community identified by PA.

 IstanaA corporate volunteer teaching former President, Mr Tony Tan and beneficiary how to knead Japanese rice ball at the Project We Care @ Istana

Invitation to Join Project We Care

We welcome more companies to come on board to join Project We Care as a member (at no fees) and collectively make a difference to the lives of the vulnerable community. The Secretariat can share more with you about Project We Care and explore collaborations on Corporate Giving and Volunteerism. Please contact 6238 2476 or email at

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