WeCare PALs

Connecting Partners for a Caring Community

WeCare PALS welcome the corporate and community sectors to come together to nurture a caring and compassionate society in Singapore with the People’s Association. The resource and help contributed by WeCare PALs will benefit the community.

Brand Values

Connecting capabilities and leveraging on one another’s strength and resources, WeCare PALS aims to serve and benefit the community; regardless of race, language or religion. Together with WeCare PALs, the People’s Association hopes to engage and empower individuals and groups to affect positive change in their own communities. 

Partnership Opportunities

Get involved in your community! There are a variety of partnership opportunities for your organisation to give back to the community, ranging from charitable social causes to lifestyle engagement activities.

For enquiries and more information, email us at PA_Partnership@pa.gov.sg

Page updated 20 May 2022