WeCare PALs


WeCare PALs are corporate and community partners of PA, working hand in hand with the PA and its grassroots networks, with the aim to create a caring society in Singapore. Through the avenue of any cause-driven programme, PA hopes to enable WeCare PALs to jointly play a meaningful role in helping the underprivileged, disadvantaged and/or the special needs citizens and deepening the connection with the community.


How can you partner with us?


Join us in the WeCare Journey!

  • Visit our WeCare PALs Facebook Page for more partnership opportunities and heartfelt stories on the meaningful programmes our WeCare PALs had with us!
  • Watch our WeCare PALs Video for more information on partnership with PA.
  • Connect with us at PA_Partnership@pa.gov.sg if your organisation is keen to do good for the community with PA!

Page updated 24 May 2022