Geylang Serai Community Club 

Spanning across four storeys, the Community Club houses a variety of community-based facilities – such as a theaterette, seminar rooms, dance studios, culinary studio and interest group activity room. The multi-purpose hall houses three indoor badminton courts.

Geylang Serai CC The bright Reception Area of Geylang Serai CC

Theaterette at Geylang Serai CCA Chinese Opera Troupe performing in WGS


KURNIA @ Wisma Geylang Serai

KURNIA, meaning ‘Gift’, is an acronym for “Khidmat Untuk Rakyat: Nadi, Inspirasi & Aspirasi”. KURNIA @ Wisma Geylang Serai, the first of its kind in Singapore, offers multiple services for the community whilst bringing together eight Malay Muslim Organisations and agencies to provide one-stop service to the community. They are:

  • Association of Muslim Professionals
  • Creative Malay Arts and Culture
  • Lembaga Biasiswa Kenangan Maulud
  • Muhammadiyah
  • Pergas
  • Tabung Amal Aidilfitri
  • Berita Harian
  • Persatuan Persuratan Pemuda Pemudi Melayu

Located next to the South East CDC office, there is also opportunity for better collaboration on social assistance programmes and synergy to build better programmes for the community. With its central location, the centre will be able to serve the community better and provide holistic support & assistance to the Malay community.

Service For The Community

KURNIA @ Wisma Geylang Serai also provides greater convenience and benefits, including:

  • Reduced traveling time by consolidating key organisation at a single location.
  • An efficient queue system utilising just one queue number per visitor per visit even when transacting with several organisations.
  • Synergy created with related agencies side by side. This allows for better collaboration between Malay Muslim Oragnisations and stakeholders located in WGS

  • Allows for easy and smooth cross referrals between MMOs and WGS Stakeholders


Geylang Serai Heritage Gallery

For most Singaporeans, Geylang Serai is a historical precinct known for its bustling market and festive bazaars during the month of Ramadhan. However, there is much more to the precinct than simply being an emporium of goods and a hub for traditional trades such as tailors and hawkers.

The Geylang Serai Heritage Gallery showcases the history of the precinct and traces its growth from an outlying settler community in the 19th  century to the suburban business precinct it is today. It also features the memories and experiences of its past and present residents, and interweave these stories with thematic displays of images and objects.

The Geylang Serai Heritage Gallery is a community gallery that is developed and managed by National Heritage Board in partnership with People’s Association and Malay Heritage Foundation.


Community Spaces

Serai Square / Open Plaza  - The Open Plaza is an open atrium that is ideal for hosting events of various scales.

Event Piazza  - The Event Piazza is a multi-purpose atrium,  anchored by a main stage with audio visual equipment. These spaces are open for corporate bookings.

Media Studio (coming soon) - The Media Studio is a professional studio with recording and broadcasting capabilities. From live webcasts of events at WGS to productions by aspiring vloggers, the studio will produce content for everyone in the community.

Gelanggang @ WGS  (coming soon) - The Gelanggang (Open Court) will be equipped with a futsal, sepak takraw, basketball and an open court. Opening in the first quarter of 2019, it will complement other sporting facilities to provide a well-rounded sports area within the Geylang Serai Precinct.

Reading Room at Geylang Serai CCThe Reading Room is open for residents to read comfortably. 


Wisma Geylang Serai (WGS) Mall

The Wisma Geylang Serai (WGS) Mall features heritage stores that offer exclusive and unique wares for the community. These stores offer local Singaporean products, run workshops and conduct hands-on demonstrations to engage the local community and tourists alike. This leisure and lifestyle section of WGS also includes Food and Beverages outlets offering Halal options.

Link Bridge

A link bridge connects the Geylang Serai Market to WGS and the future development within the Geylang Serai Precinct.

Silver Circle Senior Care Centre

Silver Circle Senior Care Centres support working families by caring for their elderly loved ones while they are at work. Silver Circle is part of NTUC Health, an NTUC social enterprise that provides quality and affordable health and eldercare services to meet the growing needs of families and their dependents.

Family Service Centre

Family Service Centres (FSCs) are community-based social work agencies that provide help and support to individuals and families in need. Their primary focus is on helping these individuals and families to better cope with their personal, social and emotional challenges in their lives. Working closely with these individuals and families, FSCs aim to help them achieve independence, stability and resilience.

Child Care Centre

Managed by Ministry of Social and Family (MSF), the Child Care Centre provides full day and half day care programmes to children below the age of seven.

Art Studios

WGS is a multi-cultural space that integrates diverse arts and cultural groups to enable closer interaction and active cross collaboration amongst artists, arts groups, partners and the community. Led by the National Arts Council,  the arts spaces in WGS comprises five tenanted arts spaces and shared common facilities which include a function room with 150 retractable seats and four project studios.

Black Box Studios

These modular collapsible studios boasts retractable seats that can accommodate 400 people for arts performances, drama and skits.

Rooftop Gardens and Barbecue Pits (coming soon)

The rooftop garden and barbecue pits allows visitors to socialise outdoors. Overlooking the scenic Geylang Serai, the rooftop garden is an ideal place for relaxing. For those looking for an outdoor dining experience, the barbecue pits, including dedicated Halal pits, are available for rent.

Kidzone @ WGS (coming soon)

Equipped with a bouncy castle and a playground. Kidzone @ WGS also features movie screenings to keep the kids entertained.

Page updated 25 Jan 2019